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Business Summary: Yuhe International, Inc. is a supplier of day-old chickens raised for meat production, or broilers, in the People's Republic of China. The company's day-old broilers are primarily sold, through third-party distributors or directly, to broiler farms and integrated chicken companies.
  301 Hailong St
  Weifang , Shandong Province 000000
  Phone: 86-536-736-3688
  Website: http://www.yuhepoultry.com
  Child, Van Wagoner & Bradshaw
Transfer Agent
  Interwest Transfer Co. Inc.
Employees:  1,230
ShareHolders:  46
Founded:  1997
Domicile:  Nevada

Yuhe International, Inc. is a supplier of day-old chickens raised for meat production, or broilers, in the People's Republic of China. The company's day-old broilers are primarily sold, through third-party distributors or directly, to broiler farms and integrated chicken companies. The company's operations are conducted exclusively by its subsidiaries in China. The company purchases parent breeding chickens from grandparent breeder farms and raises them to maturity. Once these parent breeding chickens have matured, they produce hatching eggs that the company incubates. Yuhe then sells the resulting day-old broiler chicks to its customers. Yuhe operates 13 breeder farms and two hatcheries with an annual capacity of 1,150,000 sets of breeders and 100 hatchers. It also operates two feed mills with an aggregate annual capacity of 52,000 metric tons. The company's primary geographic markets are Shandong Province and the ten surrounding provinces and special municipalities, which are Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan, Hebei, Jilin, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Tianjin, Beijing, and Shanghai. Typically, a breeder is capable of producing approximately 167 eggs which will be hatched to 137 broilers over its production lifetime, and the breeders are maintained by the company for a period of 420 days. The company sources its parent breeder chickens from licensed suppliers located in Beijing, and Shandong and Jiangsu provinces. In addition to selling day-old broilers, the company also sells related chicken products, non-productive parent breeders, and a small amount of feed for livestock and poultry. While the company produces substantially all of its inventory of hatching eggs through its own parent breeders, it occasionally purchases additional hatching eggs from unaffiliated third parties to meet market requirements. Yuhe sold 75,000,000 day-old broilers in 2008. The company's customers are principally comprised of distributors and end users such as integrated chicken companies, broiler raising companies and individual broiler raisers. Approximately 85% of the company's total sales are made through third-party distributors.
History:  INCORPORATED in Nevada Sept. 9, 1997, as First Growth Investors, Inc.; name changed to Yuhe International, Inc. Apr. 4, 2008. March 12, 2008, acquired Bright Stand International Co., Ltd. for 8,626,318 (post-split) Common shares. Bright Stand was incorporated in the British Virgin Islands Aug. 3, 2007.
Bright Stand International Limited
Weifang Taihong Feed Co. Ltd.
Weifang Yuhe Poultry Co. Ltd.


 Zhentao  GaoChairman, President & Chief Executive Officer
 Hu  GangChief Financial Officer
 Crocker  CoulsonInvestor Relations Contact

 Zhentao  Gao
 Chengxiang  Han
 Greg  Huett
 Peter  Li
 Yaojun  Liu
 Annual Report

Annual Report
Income Statement
Net sales34,626--
Cost & exps.22,8102
Oper. income as calculated11,816(2)
Interest income250--
Gain on disposal of fixed assets85--
Bad debts recovery813--
Other income (expense), net(9)
Total income12,955(2)
Depr. & amort.1,727--
Interest exp.703Nil
Net income10,525(2)
Share earns. basic$0.74Nil
Share earns. diluted$0.73Nil
Avge. com. shs. (Thou.)14,4778,626
Balance Sheet
Cash & equiv.13,4121,050
Advances to suppliers4,473--
Accts. rec., net1--
Tot. curr assets24,5311,050
Deposits paid for acquisition of long term assets2,281--
Receivables, net74--
Due from related companies3,7071,000
Net property27,112
Intangible assets, net2,910--
Other assets904--
Total assets61,5192,050
Curr debt. mat.1,357--
Loan from director292--
Due to related companies2112
Accts. pay.4,606--
Advances from customers673--
Other payables & accruals3,348Nil
Tot. curr. liabs.10,4872
Loans pay.9,410--
Com. stk. p.$0.001169
Paid-in cap.29,9442,041
Retained earns.10,523(2)
Accumulated other comprehensive income1,139--
Total liabs.61,5192,050
Common Shares (Thou.)15,7228,626
 * On Mar. 12, 2008, Yuhe International Inc., (formerly known as First Growth Investors, Inc.), acquired Bright Stand International Co., Ltd., in a transaction accounted for as a reverse acquisition, with Bright Stand being deemed the acquiring company.
 Interim Report

Interim Report   
Data Not Available
 Pro Forma Report

Pro Forma Report   
Data Not Available
 Quarterly Report

Quarterly Report Information   
Quarterly Revenue, US$
  2009   110,910,000
  2009   29,830,000
  2009   Full Year 0
  2008   11,100,000
  2008   25,600,000
  2008   39,610,000
  2008   418,310,000
  2008   Full Year 34,600,000
Quarterly Net Income, US$
  2009   12,910,000
  2009   22,090,000
  2008   Full Year 10,520,000
  2007   Full Year (10,000)
Quarterly EPS, US$
  2009   1.19
  2009   2.13
  2009   Full Year .73
  2008   1(.03)
  2008   2.07
  2008   3.12
  2008   4.48
  2008   Full Year .73
 Stock Data

Capitalization as of 12/31/2008:
 Authorized SharesOutstanding Shares
Preferred $0.001 par1,000,000None
Common $0.001 par500,000,00015,722,178
LONG TERM DEBT: $9,410,289.
Common $0.001 par
COMMON SOLD PRIVATELY: March 12, 2008, the company completed a private placement of 5,829,018 (post-split) Common shares for an aggregate purchase price of approximately $18,000,000.
Stockholders:  03/31/2009, 46.
PRINCIPAL STOCKHOLDERS: March 19, 2009, Kunio Yamamoto owned or controlled 48.7% of the Common, Black River Small Capitalization Fund Ltd. 8.2%, Pinnacle Fund, L.P. 7.7%, Pinnacle China Fund L.P. 7.7%, Ardsley Partners Fund II, LP 7.2%, and Black River Commodity Select Fund Ltd. 6.2%.
Transfer Agent:  Interwest Transfer Co. Inc.   Salt Lake City , UT
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RECENT DIVIDENDS: Common $0.001 par: 2007, $0.21; 2008, No cash. Common reverse split 1-for-14.70596492, Apr. 7, 2008.