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Business Summary: Vicor Technologies, Inc. is a medical diagnostics company focused on commercializing noninvasive diagnostic technology products based on the company's patented, proprietary Point Correlation Dimension algorithm and software.
  2300 NW Corporate Boulevard, Suite 123
  Boca Raton , FL 33431
  Phone: 561-995-7313
  Website: http://www.vicortech.com
  Daszkal Bolton LLP
Transfer Agent
  Corporate Stock Transfer, Inc.
Employees:  10
ShareHolders:  653
Founded:  2005
Domicile:  Delaware

Vicor Technologies, Inc., in the development stage as of Sept. 30, 2009, is a medical diagnostics company focused on commercializing noninvasive diagnostic technology products based on Vicor's patented, proprietary Point Correlation Dimension algorithm (the PD2i algorithm) and software. The PD2i algorithm facilitates the ability to accurately risk stratify a specific target population to predict future pathological events. As of November 2009, Vicor was commercializing three proprietary diagnostic medical products which employ software utilizing the PD2i algorithm: the PD2i Analyzer, the PD2i-VS (Vital Sign) and the PD2i Cardiac Analyzer. Vicor's therapeutic products have been developed by using a drug discovery platform which focuses on naturally occurring biomolecules derived from state-dependent physiologies such as hibernation. The company's first product, the PD2i Analyzer, displays and analyzes electrocardiographic (ECG) information that measures heart rate variability (HRV). The PD2i Analyzer received 510(k) marketing clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in December 2008. Vicor is completing software programming changes for the PD2i Analyzer to enable the capture and display of HRV information during paced respiration and controlled exercise. Following completion of these programming changes, the labeling for the original 510(k) will be expanded to include the measurement of heart rate variability during paced respiration and controlled exercise. This expanded labeling will facilitate the use of the PD2i Analyzer for screening diabetic and cardiac patients with reimbursement available to the physicians from insurers for these types of tests. Vicor anticipates the PD2i Analyzer will be in use in selected physicians' practices late in the fourth quarter of 2009. The company's second product, the PD2i-VS (Vital Sign), is being developed in collaboration with the United States Army and is used to assess the severity of injury of critically injured trauma victims to determine the need for an immediate life-saving intervention in those trauma victims who are at high risk of imminent death. It is anticipated that the PD2i-VS will be used for civilian triage and trauma emergency response. Vicor's third product, the PD2i Cardiac Analyzer, is designed to accurately risk stratify patients into those at high or low risk of suffering a fatal arrhythmic event, or Sudden Cardiac Death, within a six- to 12-month time frame. The PD2i Cardiac Analyzer is the subject of an ongoing research collaboration.
History:  INCORPORATED in Delaware May 24, 2005, as SRKP 6, Inc. On Mar. 30, 2007, the company acquired Vicor Technologies, Inc. (Old Vicor), a Delaware corporation formed in August 2000, through the merger (Merger) of Old Vicor with a wholly owned subsidiary. Upon the closing of the Merger, Old Vicor became a wholly owned subsidiary of the company. Effective Mar. 31, 2007, Old Vicor was merged into the company, which changed its name to Vicor Technologies, Inc. At the closing, each outstanding share of Old Vicor Common stock was cancelled and automatically converted into the right to receive two Common shares of the company. Upon the consummation of the Merger, the company was obligated to issue an aggregate of 22,993,723 Common shares to Old Vicor's former Common stockholders and 157,592 shares of Series A 8.0% Convertible Cumulative Preferred stock to Old Vicor's former Preferred stockholders.
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 David H. FaterPresident, Chief Financial Officer & Chief Executive Officer
 Thomas J. BohannonChief Accounting Officer
 Lloyd C. ChesneyChief Technology Officer
 Anthony  PintsopoulosSecretary
 Richard  MoyerInvestor Relations Contact

 Jerry M. Anchin
 David H. Fater
 Joseph A. Franchetti
 Frederick M. Hudson
 James E. Skinner
 Edward  Wiesmeier
 Annual Report

Annual Report
Income Statement
General and Administrative Expenses(4,372,000)(2,433,000)
Research and Development(964,000)(993,000)
Depreciation and Amortization(41,000)(41,000)
Interest Expense(1,944,000)(3,260,000)
Unrealized gain on derivative financial instruments1,074,000-
Realized gain on derivative financial instruments1,083,000-
Net Income (Loss)(5,164,000)(6,727,000)
Dividends on Preferred Stock(479,000)(246,000)
Value of warrants issued in connection with sales of Series B preferred stock -(1,536,000)
Preferred Stock Adjustments(979,000)-
Net Income Available to Common Shareholders(6,622,000)(8,509,000)
Net loss per common share basic and diluted (0.18)(0.29)
Balance Sheet
Prepaid Expenses74,00014,000
Total Current Assets618,000196,000
Furniture and Fixtures21,0002,000
Intellectual Property229,000266,000
Deferred Charges168,000-
Total Assets1,048,000476,000
Accounts Payable and Accrued Expenses600,0001,000,000
Current Debt460,000900,000
Due to Related Parties100,000100,000
Total Current Liabilities1,160,0002,000,000
Long-term Debt1,251,000-
Accrued Dividend833,000434,000
Derivative Financial Instruments Payable in Shares of Common Stock4,414,000-
Common Stock - Par Value4,0003,000
Additional Paid in Capital46,848,00044,782,000
Deficit Accumulated during the Development Stage(53,462,000)(47,320,000)
Subscribed Share Capital - Common-577,000
Total Shareholders Equity(6,610,000)(1,958,000)
Total Liabilities & Shareholders Equity1,048,000476,000
 Interim Report

Interim Report   
Data Not Available
 Pro Forma Report

Pro Forma Report   
Data Not Available
 Quarterly Report

Quarterly Report Information   
Quarterly Revenue, US$
  2010   1100,000
  2009   1Nil
  2009   2Nil
  2009   3Nil
  2009   4Nil
  2009   Full Year Nil
  2008   1Nil
  2008   2Nil
  2008   3Nil
  2008   4Nil
  2008   Full Year Nil
  2007   110,000
  2007   2Nil
  2007   3Nil
  2007   4Nil
  2007   Full Year 10,000
  2006   1N/A
  2006   Full Year N/A
  2005   Full Year N/A
Quarterly Net Income, US$
  2010   1N/A
  2009   3N/A
  2009   4N/A
  2009   Full Year (5,160,000)
  2008   Full Year (6,700,000)
  2007   Full Year (6,100,000)
  2006   Full Year N/A
  2005   Full Year N/A
Quarterly EPS, US$
  2010   1(.04)
  2009   1(.06)
  2009   2(.04)
  2009   3(.12)
  2009   4.03
  2009   Full Year (.18)
  2008   1(.03)
  2008   2(.04)
  2008   3(.04)
  2008   4(.18)
  2008   Full Year (.29)
  2007   1(.15)
  2007   2(.05)
  2007   3(.06)
  2007   4(.06)
  2007   Full Year (.26)
  2006   1N/A
  2006   Full Year N/A
  2005   Full Year N/A
 Stock Data

Capitalization as of 03/31/2010:
 Authorized SharesOutstanding Shares
Common $0.0001 par100,000,00042,933,973
Preferred $0.0001 par10,000,0005,367,693so2
LONG TERM DEBT: $1,172,000.
Common $0.0001 par
Stockholders:  02/28/2010, 653.
PRINCIPAL STOCKHOLDERS: February 28, 2010, James E. Skinner owned or controlled 8.7% of the Common.
Transfer Agent:  Corporate Stock Transfer, Inc.   Denver , CO
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DIVIDENDS: Common $0.0001 par: None.
  so2Consists of 157,592 Series A Preferred shares; 5,210,101 Series B Preferred shares. Each share of Series A and Series B Preferred stock is convertible into one Common share.