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Business Summary: Geeks on Call Holdings, Inc. provides on-site computer solutions and remote/telephone technical support services to small and medium sized businesses, and residential computer users in the United States.
  814 Kempsville Road, Suite 106
  Norfolk , VA 23502
  Phone: 757-466-3448
  Fax: 757-466-3457
  Website: http://www.geeksoncall.com
  Davis Accounting Group
  Cedar City
Transfer Agent
  Island Stock Transfer
Employees:  61
ShareHolders:  124
Founded:  2006
Domicile:  Delaware

Geeks on Call Holdings, Inc. provides on-site computer solutions and remote/telephone technical support services to small and medium sized businesses, and residential computer users in the United States. Its on-site support services include troubleshooting, maintaining, upgrading and networking computers, and service programs. The company offers its on-site solutions through a network of independent franchised service providers, as well as company employed technicians. In addition, Geeks on Call Holdings provides training and consulting services to computer users at home or business location. The company was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia.
History:  INCORPORATED in Delaware Dec. 21, 2007; and on Jan. 23, 2008, merged its parent, Lightview, Inc., a Nevada corporation organized on Dec. 22, 2006. On Feb. 8, 2008, the company acquired Geeks On Call America, Inc. through the merger of a wholly owned subsidiary of the company into Geeks On Call America, Inc. In the merger, all of the issued and outstanding capital stock of Geeks On Call America, Inc. was exchanged for 8,000,000 Common shares of the company. Immediately following the closing of the merger, the company transferred all of its pre-merger operating assets and liabilities to Lightview Holdings, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the company, and then transferred all of that subsidiary's outstanding capital stock to the company's pre-merger majority stockholders in exchange for cancellation of shares of the company's Common stock held by those stockholders. Geeks On Call America, Inc. was originally incorporated in Virginia on June 11, 2001, and converted to a Delaware corporation on Dec. 6, 2007.
Geeks On Call America, Inc.


 Richard T. ColeChairman, President & Chief Executive Officer
 Ronald W. PickettVice Chairman
 Keith  WespChief Financial Officer & Chief Accounting Officer
 Richard G. ArteseExec VP, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Information Officer
 Robert P. CrabbSecretary
 Jennifer  AllesandroInvestor Relations Contact

 Richard T. Cole
 Douglas  Glenn
 Jim  Johnsen
 Ronald W. Pickett
 James  Weathers
 Annual Report

Annual Report
Income Statement
Royalties and Advertising Fees4,411,5085,840,221
Franchise, Area Developer and Initial Advertising Fees787,8941,210,770
Total Revenues5,238,3437,107,854
Advertising Expenses(3,299,944)(3,993,017)
Selling, General and Administrative Expenses(6,357,500)(3,966,933)
Bad Debts Expenses(275,977)(68,729)
Depreciation and Amortization(227,242)(170,535)
Impairment Loss(49,000)-
Dividends on Mandatorily Redeemable Preferred Stock(6,340)(39,372)
Interest Income/expense-net(1,333)(16,922)
Other Income14,013-
Net Income (Loss)(4,964,980)(1,147,654)
Dividends on Preferred Stock(68,992)(239,835)
Net Income Available to Common Shareholders(5,033,972)(1,387,489)
Operating Income (Loss)(4,971,320)(1,091,360)
Loss per share, basic and diluted (0.50)(0.30)
Balance Sheet
Cash and Cash Equivalents177,499280,846
Accounts Receivables146,707248,091
Leases Receivable-current Portion19,119-
Notes Receivable, Current Portion63,429145,892
Prepaid Expenses and Other Current Assets344,808255,402
Total Current Assets751,562930,231
Property and Equipment, net731,306483,857
Note Receivable-long-term Portion253,754406,999
Customer Lists84,042-
Total Assets1,830,3421,831,471
Accounts Payable and Accrued Liabilities2,155,1921,142,087
Notes Payable-current Portion449,959-
Obligations Under Capital Lease-current Portion69,50553,909
Other Deferred Liabilities, Current Portion7,525-
Deferred Franchise and Initial Advertising Fees70,026271,450
Total Current Liabilities2,952,2071,667,446
Notes Payable-long-term Portion88,129-
Obligation Under Capital Lease-long-term Portion-53,909
Preferred Stock Convertible-685,000
Preferred Stock Convertible-2,152,417
Preferred Stock Convertible-741,291
Other Deferred Liabilities71,13050,914
Common Stock - Par Value14,1534,707
Additional Paid in Capital9,109,3541,846,446
Accumulated Deficit(10,404,631)(5,370,659)
Total Shareholders Equity(1,281,124)(625,798)
Total Liabilities & Shareholders Equity1,830,3421,831,471
 Interim Report

Interim Report   
Data Not Available
 Pro Forma Report

Pro Forma Report   
Data Not Available
 Quarterly Report

Quarterly Report Information   
Quarterly Revenue, US$
  2009   11,000,000
  2009   2890,000
  2008   11,610,000
  2008   21,410,000
  2008   31,260,000
  2008   4960,000
  2008   Full Year 5,240,000
  2007   21,830,000
  2007   31,920,000
  2007   41,700,000
  2007   Full Year 7,110,000
Quarterly Net Income, US$
  2009   1(1,170,000)
  2009   2(1,100,000)
  2008   2(1,170,000)
  2008   3(1,750,000)
  2008   Full Year (4,960,000)
  2007   Full Year (1,150,000)
Quarterly EPS, US$
  2009   1(.08)
  2009   2(.06)
  2008   1(.22)
  2008   2(.16)
  2008   3(.13)
  2008   4(.11)
  2008   Full Year (.50)
  2007   2(.03)
  2007   3(.01)
  2007   4(.21)
  2007   Full Year (.30)
 Stock Data

Capitalization as of 02/28/2009:
 Authorized SharesOutstanding Shares
Common $0.001 par100,000,00023,327,374
Preferred $0.001 par10,000,000None
LONG TERM DEBT: $62,295.
Common $0.001 par
UNITS SOLD PRIVATELY: In February 2008, the company accepted subscriptions for a total of 365 units in a private placement, consisting of an aggregate of 3,650,000 Common shares and warrants to purchase an aggregate of 2,117,000 Common shares at an exercise price of $1.50 per share, for a per unit purchase price of $10,000. The company received net proceeds of $3,193,253.
Stockholders:  12/02/2008, 124.
PRINCIPAL STOCKHOLDERS: December 2, 2008, RTC Investments, LLC owned or controlled 17.9% of the Common, Telkonet, Inc. 15.8%, Sandor Capital Master Fund 9.5%, and Richard T. Cole 6.3%.
Transfer Agent:  Island Stock Transfer   St. Petersburg , FL
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DIVIDENDS: Common $0.001 par: No cash. Common split 1.43333333-for-1, Feb. 1, 2008. Common $0.001 par was split 43-for-30, ex-Feb. 1, 2008.