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Business Summary: Arrayit Corporation engages in the development, manufacture, and marketing of life science tools and integrated systems for the large scale analysis of genetic variation, biological function, and diagnostics worldwide.
  524 East Weddell Drive
  Sunnyvale , CA 94089
  Phone: 408-744-1331
  Fax: 408-744-1711
  Website: http://www.arrayit.com
  Berman Hopkins Wright & LaHam, CPAs and Associates, LLP
Transfer Agent
  Standard Registrar & Transfer Co. Inc.
Employees:  10
ShareHolders:  377
Founded:  1999
Domicile:  Nevada

Arrayit Corporation engages in the development, manufacture, and marketing of life science tools and integrated systems for the large scale analysis of genetic variation, biological function, and diagnostics worldwide. It also involves in the development and support of microarray tools and components, custom printing and analysis of microarrays for research, and identification and development of diagnostic microarrays and tools for early detection of treatable disease states. The company, using its proprietary technologies, provides a line of products and services that serve the sequencing, genotyping, gene expression, and protein analysis markets. It offers microarray printing technology consisting of Professional, 946, Stealth, and ChipMaker pins and printheads; and instrumentation, such as NanoPrint, SpotBot, SpotLight CCD fluorescence scanners, SpotWare colorimetric scanners, InnoScan laser scanners, TrayMix hybridization stations, high speed centrifuges, air jets, and vacuum products. The company also manufactures and provides consumables, including glass substrates and slides, reagents, solutions, kits, and clean room supplies. Its patented Healthcare technology, the Variation Identification Platform, allows diagnostic tests to be performed by depositing approximately 100,000 patient samples onto a single microarray. The company serves genomic research centers, pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, clinical research organizations, government agencies, and biotechnology companies. Arrayit Corporation was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.
History:  INCORPORATED in Nevada Feb. 8, 2008, as Integrated Media Holdings, Inc. The company subsequently changed its name to Arrayit Corp., and on Mar. 12, 2009, merged its parent, Integrated Media Holdings, Inc., a Delaware corporation (Integrated Media Holdings - Delaware). Integrated Media Holdings - Delaware was incorporated in Delaware Mar. 26, 1999, as New Planet Resources, Inc.; name changed to Planet Resources, Inc. July 15, 1999, to CeriStar, Inc. Oct. 15, 2002, to Endavo Media and Communications, Inc. Sept. 23, 2004, and to Integrated Media Holdings, Inc. Apr. 20, 2006. Effective Feb. 21, 2008, the company completed a plan and agreement of merger and issued 103,143 Series C Convertible Preferred shares to the stockholders of TeleChem International, Inc. in exchange for 100% of the equity interests of TeleChem.
Arrayit Diagnostics (Ovarian), Inc.
Arrayit Diagnostics, Inc.
Arrayit Marketing, Inc.
TeleChem International, Inc.


 Rene A. SchenaChairman, Chief Accounting Officer & Chief Executive Officer
 Mark  SchenaPresident, Secretary, Treasurer & Chief Scientific Officer
 William L. SklarChief Financial Officer
 Todd J. MartinskySR VP

 Todd J. Martinsky
 Mark  Schena
 Rene A. Schena
 William L. Sklar
 Annual Report

Annual Report
Income Statement
Total Revenues3,993,7374,063,149
Cost of Sales(3,073,456)(2,643,974)
Selling, General and Administrative(6,377,496)(1,346,046)
Research and Development(335,100)-
Interest Expense(278,497)(721,408)
Gain/loss on Derivative Liability10,134,240(1,199,140)
Gain/loss on Extinguishment of Debt(12,834,900)-
Legal Expense(203,507)(82,274)
Minority Interest (Before Tax)66,908-
Earnings before Taxes(8,908,071)(1,929,693)
Net Income (Loss)(8,908,071)(1,929,693)
Gross Profit/loss920,281.001,419,175.00
Operating Income (Loss)(5,457,215.00)73,129.00
Basic EPS - Continuing Operations(2.42)(3.31)
Balance Sheet
Accounts Receivables71,944261,656
Prepaid Expenses12,500-
Total Current Assets325,880746,024
Property and Equipment, net68,68841,451
Restricted Cash100,293100,734
Total Assets513,785907,133
Accounts Payable and Accrued Liabilities5,320,2395,143,622
Accrued Interest-1,295,131
Due to Related Parties459,116349,950
Bank Overdraft31,0769,110
Notes Payable, Current Portion Including Related Parties852,9313,120,418
Customer Deposits65,68762,798
Derivative Liability-1,525,684
Total Current Liabilities6,729,04911,506,710
Notes Payable-long-term180,656248,412
Minority Interest204,342-
Preferred Stock Convertible25123
Preferred Stock Convertible103103
Common Stock - Par Value18,897584
Additional Paid in Capital14,478,4601,340,868
Accumulated Deficit(21,097,740)(12,189,670)
Total Shareholders Equity(6,600,262)(10,847,990)
Total Liabilities & Shareholders Equity513,785907,133
 Interim Report

Interim Report   
Data Not Available
 Pro Forma Report

Pro Forma Report   
Data Not Available
 Quarterly Report

Quarterly Report Information   
Quarterly Revenue, US$
  2010   1660,000
  2009   11,000,000
  2009   21,190,000
  2009   31,110,000
  2009   4700,000
  2009   Full Year 3,990,000
  2008   1850,000
  2008   21,080,000
  2008   3780,000
  2008   41,350,000
  2008   Full Year 4,060,000
  2007   11,020,000
  2007   21,150,000
  2007   3760,000
  2007   4890,000
  2007   Full Year 3,820,000
  2006   Full Year 6,220,000
Quarterly Net Income, US$
  2010   1(720,000)
  2009   1(20,430,000)
  2009   215,170,000
  2009   32,400,000
  2009   4(6,050,000)
  2009   Full Year (8,910,000)
  2008   Full Year (2,030,000)
  2007   Full Year (2,500,000)
  2006   Full Year (410,000)
Quarterly EPS, US$
  2010   1(.03)
  2009   1(1.09)
  2009   2.36
  2009   3.05
  2009   4(.88)
  2009   Full Year (2.42)
  2008   1(.37)
  2008   2.05
  2008   3(.53)
  2008   4(.02)
  2008   Full Year (.12)
  2007   1(.79)
  2007   2(1.90)
  2007   3(3.77)
  2007   45.06
 Stock Data

Capitalization as of 12/31/2009:
 Authorized SharesOutstanding Shares
Preferred $0.001 par20,000,000128,763so1
Common $0.001 par480,000,00019,085,859
LONG TERM DEBT: $180,656.
Common $0.001 par
Stockholders:  03/26/2010, 377.
Transfer Agent:  Standard Registrar & Transfer Co. Inc.   Draper , UT
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DIVIDENDS: Common $0.001 par: No cash. Common reverse split 1-for-30, Mar. 19, 2009.
  so1Consists of 25,620 Series A and 103,143 Series C shares. Series C shares are convertible into a total of 36,100,000 Common shares.