October 25, 2014
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4th Quarter 1999 OTCBB Update

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Table of Contents:

SEC Approves Change to Rule 6750: Minimum Quote Size Requirements
The amendment to Rule 6750 provides any Nasdaq officer at the executive vice president level or above with the limited discretionary authority to reduce the minimum quotation size for securities quoted over $200 on the OTC Bulletin Board.

Historical Research Reports Available on OTCBB.com
The OTCBB Web site offers several online Trading Activity Reports for securities quoted on the OTCBB. These reports are delivered via email, often within minutes of ordering. Click here to check them out.

Please Make a Note: Two Important OTCBB Phone Number Changes
The OTC Compliance Unit and the OTCBB Filings Department have changed their numbers.

OTC Bulletin Board - Top 100 Issues November 1999

Eligibility Rule Status
Eligibility Rule implementation statistics from July through December 1999.


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