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1st Quarter 1997

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Quotation and Transaction Reporting of Limited Partnerships
The Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) approved the quotation of Limited Partnerships (DPPs) on the OTC Bulletin Board (OTCBB) beginning May 15, 1997. All quotes in DPPs will be non-firm and Market Makers may update their quotes twice daily. New NASD® rules require that all transactions in DPPs be reported through ACTSM on a T+1 basis.

Top 100 Issues - January 1997
The 100 most active OTCBB issues in January 1997 are ranked by average daily share volume.

All-In-One OTCBB Reference Book Coming This Summer
The OTC Bulletin Board Handbook, a comprehensive reference for OTCBB participants, will contain a description and a brief history of the service, a catalogue of all the rules and procedures that apply to the OTCBB, a complete contact list, a user guide, and more.

Research Service Available
Trade and quote reports are available from the Research Service for all OTCBB issues from April 4, 1994 to the present.

Newly Active Issues
All securities that became active on the OTCBB in the first quarter of 1997 are listed here.

OTCBB Holiday Schedule
Displays holiday schedule for March through December 1997.

New Symbol Directory Available

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