October 21, 2014
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1st Quarter 2000 OTCBB Update

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Table of Contents:

NASD Proposes OTCBB Limit Order Protection Pilot
The pilot will prohibit Market Makers from executing proprietary trades in the 300 pilot securities at prices superior or equal to a customer limit order without providing contemporaneous execution of the customer's order.

NASD Proposes Limited Trade-Halt Authority for OTCBB Securities
The NASD has submitted a proposal (NASD 6645) to the SEC to allow Nasdaq to halt trading and quotations in OTCBB securities under certain circumstances.

NASD Proposes New Minimum Quote Size Tiers
The NASD is proposing to establish new minimum quotation sizes for OTC securities priced over $200.

Fees to be Instituted for Online Research Reports
The SEC has approved an NASD proposal to establish a nominal fee structure for Trading Activity Reports available on the OTCBB Web site at www.OTCBB.com.

What's Happening @ OTCBB.com
The OTCBB Web site is continually being enhanced. Several releases are scheduled in 2000 and will include new products, services and features for market participants, issuers and investors.

Aces Pass-Thru to Accept Decimals for OTCBB Securities
In response to numerous requests from the trading community, effective Monday, March 27, 2000, Aces Pass-Thru will accept orders with decimal pricing via CTCI.

Have You Taken Your Series 55 Exam?
On May 1, 2000, any candidate who has not passed the Series 55 Exam will have to cease all trading activities in Nasdaq and/or OTCBB equity securities.

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