October 25, 2014
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Letter to Market Makers Regarding Modified Phase-in Schedule

In order to alleviate certain computer system issues experienced during the implementation of the OTC Bulletin Board (OTCBB) Eligibility Rule, a modified phase in schedule has been developed. Specifically, the NASD has divided issuers scheduled to phase in each month into two groups. Generally, the first group will have an Eligibility Determination Date during the first full week of the scheduled month and the second group will have an Eligibility Determination Date during the third full week of the scheduled month. (In January 2000, to account for possible Y2K issues, the first group of symbol changes and deletions will occur in the second week, and the balance will occur in the fourth week. This schedule change affects activity in December and February as well.)

The start date for the revised phase in schedule is Tuesday, September 7, 1999. Therefore, the October group of securities, which includes securities with symbols BJ-CT, will be the first group to be affected by this change. For a detailed account of scheduled changes click below:

While the changes we have made should not disadvantage OTCBB issuers, we urge you to inform your customers and issuers of the securities in which you make a market of the changes so that they are fully aware of the dates on which their securities will be affected. Please direct them to the OTCBB Web site for up-to-date information on the rollout of the Eligibility Rule.

If you have any questions regarding changes to the phase in schedule, please contact the Listing Qualifications Help Desk at (202) 492-2542 or Liz Heese at (202) 728-8191.


Adena Friedman
Director, OTCBB

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