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Status of Companies Required to Comply with Eligibility Rule on August 2nd

The OTC Bulletin Board Eligibility Rule implementation continues with the August 1999 Phase-In Group. The status of this group of companies, whose trading symbols (as of January 4, 1999) begin with "AE" through "AO", will be evaluated as of the close of business on August 2, 1999. Securities of OTC Bulletin Board(OTCBB) companies that do not meet the Eligibility Rule requirements at that time will no longer be eligible for quotation on the OTCBB.

See the chart below for a complete list of OTCBB issues in the August 1999 Phase-In Group and each security's compliance status as of July 1, 1999.

An initial evaluation was conducted on July 1st for the aforementioned companies in order to assist Market Makers in fulfilling their responsibility to provide evidence of compliance to the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. (NASD). The trading symbols of those securities whose issuers were not deemed compliant with the Rule will be appended with an "E". Notice of these symbol changes was published on the July 1, 1999 Daily List.

Once the NASD receives notification that an issuer complies with the filing requirement, the fifth character identifier "E" will be removed. If the issuer is not compliant with the filing requirement and/or the NASD has not received notification to this effect, prior to August 2nd, the issuer's securities will no longer be eligible for quotation on the OTCBB as of market open on August 3rd. Deletions will appear on the August 3rd Daily List (available on this Web site) and their removal will be effective at market-open on Tuesday, August 3rd.

View the Phase-In Schedule for the next twelve months.

Company Symbol Company Name CIK FYE Eligibility Status as of 7/1/99
AEAM American Electric Automobile Company Inc     Fail
AEDU American Education Corporation 0000705003 12/31/98 Pass
AEGI AMWEST Environmental Group 0000941813 8/31/98 Fail
AEGL American Eagle INDS     Fail
AEGP American Eagle Group Inc 0000882800 12/31/98 Fail
AEGR Apollo Eye Group Inc 0000882970 12/31/98 Fail
AENG Advanced Engine Technologies Inc     Fail
AENM Apache Energy & Minerals Co     Fail
AERI Allerion Inc 0000350874 4/30/98 Fail
CCIX Chemicorp International Inc     Fail
AESV Amereco Environmental Services Inc     Fail
AETG American Entertainment Group 0000788072 12/31/98 Fail
AETI Advanced Encryption Technologies America     Fail
AEVC American Environmental Corp     Fail
AFAD All For A Dollar Inc 0000885399 12/29/98 Fail
DCEG Dot Com Entertainment Group Inc     Fail
AFAP A F A Protective Systems Inc 0000002668 12/31/98 Fail
AFEM AFEM Medical Corporation 0000820608 12/31/98 Pass
AFFN Affiance Inc     Fail
AFHC Affordable Housing Constructors     Fail
AFIP AMFI Corp     Fail
AFIN Agri-Foods International Inc     Fail
PAHI Page Active Holdings Inc     Fail
AFNT Affiliated Networks Inc     Fail
VIKE Viking Exploration Inc     Fail
AFSF AFS Financial Corp/American Fedl Corp     Fail
AFSV AMB Financial Services Corp     Fail
AFSY Automated Financial Systems Inc     Fail
AFTC American Film Technologies Inc 0000819028 6/30/98 Fail
JMUS Jumpmusic.com Inc     Fail
AGBG AG-BAG International Ltd 0000842289 12/31/98 Pass
AGCC Anchor Glass Container Corp 0001052163 12/31/98 Pass
AGCR Agiss Corporation     Fail
AGDY Agri-Dynamics Inc     Fail
AGEL American Gaming & Entertainment Ltd 0000851249 12/31/98 Pass
AGEO American Geological Enterprises Inc 0000005117 12/31/98 Pass
AGHI Agora Holdings Inc     Fail
AGHL A G Holdings Inc 0000917300 4/30/98 Pass
BLLE Bullet Environmental Technologies Inc     Fail
AGPT Agripost Inc   8/31/98 Fail
AGRO Americas Growth Fund Inc 0000925677 12/31/98 Fail
AGRS Agristar Inc 0000842888 12/31/98 Fail
AGSR Argus Res Inc     Fail
AGTC American Gilsonite Co     Fail
AGTI Advanced Gaming Technologies Inc 0001030699 12/31/98 Fail
AGTP AGTSPORTS Inc 0000791118 9/30/98 Fail
AGTT Angstrom Technologies Inc 0000725774 10/31/98 Pass
AGVS NDC Automation Inc 0000859621 11/30/98 Pass
PWEB Pacific Webworks Inc     Fail
AHGI Aviation Holdings Group Inc     Fail
ZGRS Zagreus Inc     Fail
AHLT Accuhealth Inc 0000840401 3/31/98 Fail
AHMX Access Health Alternatives Inc     Fail
AHSI AHSI INC 0000908516 9/30/98 Fail
AHTS American Health Services Corp 0000712194 6/30/98 Fail
AIDP Accuimage Diagnostics Corp     Fail
AIEE Atlantic International Entertainment Ltd 0001003739 12/31/98 Pass
AIFP American International Food Corp     Fail
AIGI Adair International Oil & Gas Inc 0000355300 5/31/98 Fail
AIHC Ameristar International Holdings Corp 0000038483 6/30/98 Fail
AILA Air L A INC   6/30/98 Fail
AIME American Interactive Media Inc     Fail
AIMH Aimrite Holdings Corp     Fail
AIMS Aim Smart Corp     Fail
AINI ALMA International Inc     Fail
AIOD Apollo International of Deleware Inc 0001012750 12/31/98 Fail
AIRC AIRCOA Hospitality Services Inc   12/31/98 Fail
AIRP Air Packaging Tech Inc 0001085117 12/31/98 Fail
AISI ARIS Industries Inc 0000100979 12/31/98 Pass
AIVC Active Cap Inc     Fail
AIVD Area Investment & Development Co     Fail
AJAY Ajay Sports Inc 0000854858 12/31/98 Pass
AJRL Ross (A.J) Logistics Inc     Fail
AKAP ACAP Corp 0000792468 12/31/98 Pass
AKIS American Kiosk Corp\     Fail
AKIT Antek International Inc     Fail
ALAG American Lending & Acquisition Corp     Fail
ALBM Alpha 1 Biomedicals Inc 0000707511 12/31/98 Fail
ALBR Albara Corp 0000831669 12/31/98 Fail
ALCH Alchemy Holdings Inc 0000841183 9/30/98 Pass
ALCN Atlantic Central Enterprises Ltd 0001020827 3/31/98 Fail
ALCS Alliant Computer Systems Corp     Fail
ALEI Alfa Leisure Inc 0000014611 4/30/98 Pass
ALFN Alottafun Inc 0001020367 12/31/98 Fail
ALFP Alpha 1 Products     Fail
ALGY Alleghany Pharaceutical Corp     Fail
ALRM Alterman Investment Fund Inc 0000315127 4/30/98 Fail
ALIM Allergy Immuno Technologies     Fail
ALLD Allison Industries Ltd     Fail
ALLT Alliance Trophy Club Inc     Fail
ALLX International Alliance Resources Inc     Fail
ALMX Allied Matrix Corp     Fail
ALNI Alliance Northwest Industries Inc 0000745452 12/31/98 Fail
ALPS Allegiant Physician Services Inc 0000883168 12/31/98 Fail
ALPV Alabama Power Co 0000003153 12/31/98 Fail
ALSM Atlas Mining Co     Fail
ALTE Alltel Corp 0000065873 12/31/98 Pass
SSCP Stereoscape.com Inc 0000881590 12/31/98 Fail
ALTS Altris Software Inc 0000813747 12/31/98 Pass
ALTX Altex Industries Inc 0000775057 9/30/98 Pass
ALWS All Western Enterprises Inc     Fail
ALYA ALYA Iinternational Inc     Fail
ALYG Ally Media Group Inc     Fail
ALZR AL-ZAR Limited UTS Limited Partner     Fail
AMBF Ambassador Food Services Corp 0000008734 5/31/98 Fail
AMCH American Consolidated Holdings Corp     Fail
AMCI American Millennium Corp Inc 0000350193 7/31/98 Fail
AMCL American Consolidated Labs Inc 0000823187 12/31/98 Fail
AMCM A M Communications Inc 0000318580 3/31/98 Fail
AMCX Americlean Inc     Fail
AMDD AMDL Inc 0000838879 12/31/98 Fail
AMDI Applied Medical Devices Inc 0000312258 4/30/98 Pass
AMDS Advanced Medical Sciences Inc     Fail
AMEL The American Energy Group Ltd 0000843212 6/30/98 Pass
AMER American Electromedics Corp 0000352281 7/27/98 Pass
AMET Ametech Inc 0000001969 12/31/98 Fail
AMFN AFN Inc 0000810351 3/31/98 Fail
AMFT Aremissoft Corp 0001065152 12/31/98 Pass
AMGC American Consolidated Growth Corp 0000812407 6/30/98 Fail
AMGI Aspen Marine Group Inc 0000841073 7/31/98 Fail
AMGM Americas Gaming International Inc 0000818475 12/31/98 Fail
AMGO AMG Oil Ltd     Fail
AMHD Ammonia Holdings Inc 0001019852 6/30/98 Pass
AMIG American Imaging Inc     Fail
AMIT Americare Health Scan Inc 0001030144 12/31/98 Fail
AMLC Amelco Corp 0000004438 9/30/98 Fail
AMMR A M R E Inc 0000809572 12/31/98 Fail
AMPA American Pacific Financial Services Inc     Fail
AMPC AM-PAC International Inc 0000802523 6/30/98 Fail
AMPG Ameripage Inc   12/31/98 Fail
AMPS Edgerton Musical Amplifiers     Fail
AMQC American Quantum Cycles Inc 0001041970 4/30/98 Pass
AMQT Ameriquest Technologies Inc 0000764864 9/30/98 Pass
AMRB American River Holdings     Fail
WHAT Whatsonline.com Inc   12/31/98 Fail
AMRF Amerford International Corp     Fail
AMRL American Atlantic Co     Fail
AMRM Amereco Inc 0000793376 12/31/98 Fail
AMRT American Mart Corp     Fail
AMSE Americas Senior Financial Services Inc   12/31/98 Fail
AMSH American Sports History 0000894566 12/31/98 Fail
AMSK Pan American Securities Inc     Fail
AMST American Stone Industries 0000907033 12/31/98 Pass
AMTI American Telesource International Inc 0001014052 7/31/98 Pass
AMTL American Thermal Resources Inc     Fail
ZWEB Global Web Inc     Fail
AMTS American Metals Service Inc 0000319016 8/31/98 Fail
AMUT American Multiplexer Corp     Fail
MILH Millenium Holding Group Inc     Fail
ANFH American Financial Holdings 0000357097 12/31/98 Fail
ANGC Angeles Corp   6/30/98 Fail
ANIN ANW Inc   6/30/98 Fail
ANIW Americom Networks Corp     Fail
SVKG Silver King Resources Inc     Fail
ANNY Anntaylor Stores 0000850090 1/28/98 Pass
ANSA Ansama Corp     Fail
ANTE Atlantic City Electric Company 0000008192 12/31/98 Pass
ANTM Antennas America Inc 0000826326 12/31/98 Pass
ANTX Antex Biologics Inc 0000893692 12/31/98 Pass
ANTY Anderson Tully Co 0001059722 12/31/98 Fail
ANUC American Nuclear Corp 0000005550 12/31/98 Pass
ANVR Ancora Verde Corp     Fail
AUTC Autotradecenter.com Inc     Fail
AOCT Autocentral USA Inc     Fail
AOGA Appalachian Oil & Gas Co 0000732814 6/30/98 Fail
CALN Callnow.com Inc     Fail
AOXY Advanced Oxygen Technologies Inc 0000352991 6/30/98 Pass
AHSY American Health Systems Inc     Fail
AHPV American Health Providers Corp     Fail
AMED Amedisys Inc 0000896262 12/31/98 Pass
AMII Acme Metals Inc 0000883702 12/29/98 Pass
AINW American Independent Network Inc 0001000876 12/31/98 Fail
AMWK Ameristar Network Inc     Fail
AIDA AID Auto Stores Inc 0000937599 12/31/98 Fail
AGLF Atlantic Gulf Communities Corporation 0000771934 12/31/98 Pass
AHIC American Healthchoice Inc 0000854862 9/30/98 Pass
BIBN bib.net Corporation     Fail
ANDA Andatco Inc 0000351810 10/31/98 Pass

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