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Modified Eligibility Rule Phase-In Schedule

Securities quoted on the OTCBB as of January 4, 1999 will be phased into compliance with the new Eligibility Requirement based upon the following schedule. Please be advised that we will use the issue symbol as it appeared in the OTCBB quotation system on January 4, 1999 to determine where a particular issue falls in the schedule. Subsequent symbol changes will not be considered in determining an issuer's phase-in date. This schedule is subject to change at the discretion of the NASD.

Please note that the Phase-in schedule, originally posted on January 20, 1999, has been modified in order to alleviate the large number of system changes currently required at the beginning of each month. Beginning with the October 1999 Phase-in Group, half of the monthly symbol changes and deletions will occur in the first full week and the other half will occur in the third full week of each month. The month in which each issuer is scheduled to be phased-in to comply with the Eligibility Rule has not changed. All information provided is believed accurate; however, it is subject to change at the discretion of the NASD.

A detailed account of all the events associated with the implementation of the Eligibility Rule between September 1, 1999 and June 30, 2000 is available below:

Month Issue Symbols
(as of 1/4/1999)
Eligibility Determination Date
July 1999 A - AD
August 1999 AE - AO
September 1999 AP - BI 9/1/1999
October 1999 BJ - CH 10/7/1999
  CI - CT 10/20/1999
November 1999 CU - EE 11/3/1999
  EF - FL 11/17/1999
December 1999 FM - GS 12/1/1999
  GT - IG 12/15/1999
January 2000 IH - KA 1/12/2000
  KB - MD 1/19/2000
February 2000 ME - NA 2/9/2000
  NB - OR 2/24/2000
March 2000 OS - PR 3/8/2000
  PS - RZ 3/23/2000
April 2000 SA - SQ 4/5/2000
  SR - TN 4/19/2000
May 2000 TO - VG 5/3/2000
  VH - ZZ 5/17/2000
June 2000 All Banks and Insurance Companies
  AA - HZ 6/7/2000
  IA - ZZ 6/21/2000

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