October 31, 2014
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New Design for OTCBB.com

This evening, you will notice that www.otcbb.com has a new look and feel. On December 6, 2000 the OTCBB will launch a redesigned website. The new site will have all the same information as the old site, but with new navigation. The main navigation buttons are now listed on the left, while the site utility links -Home, Contacts, Email, Site Map, and Help -are situated at the top left in the masthead. In addition, for your convenience, we have moved the links to Daily List, Today’s Changes, and Trade Halts up to the masthead so that they will be accessible from every page.

Also available on the homepage are daily summaries of Gainers and Losers, which are lists of the 10 securities with the greatest percentage price increase and decrease, respectively, for the previous day. Additionally, when you want to get quote information about an OTCBB security, you can enter the symbol on the homepage and select to view either a Bullet Quote -basic information including the inside bid and ask, or The Board -a detailed rundown including the quotes of all market participants in the security.

The main site navigation will provide a new level of detail. When you click on a button in the menu, the sub-navigation within that area of the site will be displayed as sub-buttons under the main button so that you can see what is available at a glance. When you click on one of these sub-buttons, you go directly to that page. In addition, links provided in each section have been divided into two categories -On This Page and Related Items. On This Page provides a list of links to content on the current page, while Related Items will link you to other areas within our site or another website.

If you have questions about the website, please contact Liz Heese, Assistant Product Manager, at (202) 728-8191 (lisabeth.heese@nasdaq.com).  


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