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OTCBB Symbol Changes for Monday, September 13, 1999

TO: Head of Trading

FROM: Dorothy Kennedy, Director of Market Operations

DATE: September 13, 1999

Due to a processing problem, 17 symbol changes were not effected in the OTC Bulletin Board for Monday, September 13, 1999, as previously announced. All of the new symbols will be effective in OTCBB on Tuesday, September 14, 1999.

The following 3 issues were to change due to a split. Members are advised that transactions in these securities should be on a post-split basis even though the symbol does not reflect the action..

  • FRCD - Fairchild International Corp. (10-1 forward split). New symbol: FRCDD
  • PHIC - Powerhouse International Corp. (1-5 reverse split). New symbol: PHICD
  • SUNX - Sunbelt Exploration Inc. (1-10 reverse split and name change to iExalt Inc.) New symbol: IXLT
The following 2 issues were to change in conjunction with name changes:
  • ITHC - Integrated Healthcare Inc. (Name change to Triangle Multi-Media Inc.) New symbol: QBID
  • HCCA - Healthcare Centers of America Inc. (Name change to Hexagon Consolidated Companies of America Inc.) New symbol: HCCAD
The following 1 issue was due to change its symbol only.
  • CEOL - Central Oil Corp. New symbol: NTGN
The following 11 issues were to have an "E" appended to their symbols in compliance with Rule 6530:
  • CVRG - Converge Global Inc.
  • CYNT - Cyntech Technologies Inc.
  • CYRD - Cyberecord Inc.
  • FMED - Fortune Media Inc.
  • FWHT - Befirst.Com
  • GBDI - Global Business Information Directory Inc.
  • GNNU - Global Network Inc.
  • IGAT - Internet Golf Association Inc.
  • IMIZ - Internet Marketing Inc.
  • MAWI - M&A West Inc.
  • MDQK - Mediquik Services Inc.
We regret any inconvenience this may have caused. Please contact Market Operations (203) 375-9609 for any additional information you may require.  


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