October 23, 2014
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Thursday October 23, 2014

December 6, 2000OTCBB Enhancements - Testing Begins December 11, 2000 (HTA #2000-96)
December 6, 2000New Design for OTCBB.com
November 21, 2000Early Closing Schedule Friday, November 24, 2000 (HTA #2000-86)
November 5, 20003 Quote Rule Amendments Effective November 24, 2000
October 23, 2000Regulation Fair Disclosure Effective October 23, 2000
October 9, 2000NASD Board Approves OTCBB Order Delivery System
September 29, 20003 Quote Rule Amendments Approved by SEC
September 25, 2000UPC Notice 087-2000: Systems West, Inc. (SWTI)
September 20, 2000OTC Compliance Unit Contact Information Change
September 12, 2000Network Connection Problems Affecting OTCBB.com Historical Research Reports Resolved
September 7, 2000Market Participants' Quotes in OTCBB Securities Now Available
September 5, 2000Size Requirements For OTC Equity Securities Effective September 5, 2000 (HTA#2000-61)
September 5, 2000Alert: Market Maker Quotes in Some OTC Equities Wiped Out Due to Unit of Trade Changes
August 23, 2000SEC Approves Minimum Quotation Size Requirements For OTC Equity Securities
August 7, 2000Changes to the OTCBB.com Daily List Download File Effective Monday, August 7, 2000
July 26, 2000Quotes for OTCBB Securities Now Available on OTCBB.com
July 7, 2000Electro Kinetic Sys Inc Cl A (EKSIA) Name/Sym Change Revised
June 26, 2000OTCBB Trade Halt Authority Implemented Today (6/26/2000)
June 21, 2000SEC Publishes Proposed OTCBB Limit Order Protection Pilot
June 9, 2000Proposed Rule Change Relating to Minimum Quotation Sizes on the OTCBB
June 9, 2000Trade and Quote Halt Authority in OTCBB Securities Effective on June 26, 2000
May 23, 2000NASD Proposes Amendment to 3 Quote Rule
May 23, 2000Limited OTCBB Trade Halt Authority Approved by SEC
May 10, 2000Investor Alert: Differences Between OTCBB and Nasdaq
May 9, 2000Interpretive Letter: Application of Best Execution Rule to Automated Execution of Orders in OTCBB Stocks
May 1, 2000SEC Approves Fee for OTCBB.com Online Trading Activity Reports
April 19, 20004/19/2000 Daily List Updated
April 18, 20004/18/2000 Daily List Updated
April 17, 2000Cypost Corp (POSTE) Symbol Change rescinded for 4/18/2000
April 14, 2000Intraday Updates Now Available for the OTCBB Daily List
April 13, 2000Bank of Alameda Calif (BALM) Symbol Change rescinded for 4/14/2000
April 12, 2000Cosmoz.com Inc (CMOZ) Symbol Change rescinded for 4/13/2000
April 7, 2000Ameri-can Railway Sys Inc (ARWA) Name Change Revised
April 6, 2000System Maintenance Completed
April 6, 2000Decimalization For Aces Pass-Thru CTCI In OTCBB Securities Will Start April 17, 2000 (Head Trader Alert #2000-25)
April 6, 2000Upgrade Intl Corp (UPGD) Symbol Change rescinded for 4/7/2000
April 5, 2000Companies Compliant with NASD Rule 6530
April 5, 2000Report Delays Due To System Maintenance
March 30, 20003/30/2000 Daily List Revised
March 29, 2000Urogen Corp (UROG) Name Change Effective Date Revised
March 24, 2000Humatech Inc (HUMT) Symbol Change rescinded for 3/27/2000
March 24, 2000PWTD and AMFR Compliant with NASD Rule 6530
March 23, 2000Decimalization For Aces Pass-Thru Rescheduled(Head Trader Alert#2000-24)
March 21, 2000Internetfinancialcorp.com (IFAN) Symbol Change Rescinded
March 21, 20003/20/2000 Daily List Revised
March 9, 2000Saliva Diagnostic Systems Inc (SALV) Symbol Change rescinded for 3/10/2000
March 8, 2000OTSH PCLP and PCLPW Compliant with NASD Rule 6530
March 8, 2000File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Change Effective Friday, March 10, 2000
March 8, 2000SLPW Compliant with NASD Rule 6530
March 8, 2000Decimalization For Aces Pass-Thru CTCI In OTCBB (Technical Update)
March 3, 2000Aces Pass-Thru Pricing Pilot
March 3, 2000OTCBB.com On-line Reports Not Available on March 4th
March 1, 2000IQMS Testing Canceled
February 25, 2000P S A Inc (PSAX) Symbol Change rescinded for 2/28/2000
February 24, 2000EBAS NOYR and OPWR Compliant with NASD Rule 6530
February 22, 2000Albara Corp (ALBR) R/S & N/C Effective Date Revised
February 18, 20002/18/2000 Daily List Updated
February 17, 2000Series 55 Exam Deadline Approaches
February 16, 2000Decimalization for ACES Pass-Thru CTCI in OTCBB (Head Trader Alert#2000-10)
February 10, 2000Telemonde Inc (TLMD) Symbol Change Revised
February 8, 2000Rule Proposing OTCBB Trade Halt Authority Submitted for SEC Approval
February 7, 2000Obligation of Members to Comply with Conduct & Marketplace Rules (Head Trader Alert #2000-09)
February 4, 2000Citadel Technology Inc (CITN) Name Change Effective Date Revised
February 2, 2000PSCKF and HLYP Symbol Changes Rescinded
February 2, 2000PSCKF and HLYP Special Note Rescinded
February 2, 2000Diamond Linx Inc (DNLX) Name Change Posted To OTCBB Daily List In Error
February 2, 2000Helpmate Robotics Inc (HELPZ) Symbol Change Effective Date Corrected
January 28, 2000NASD Board Approves Limit Order Protection Pilot Program
January 20, 2000Technature Inc (THNA) Name Change Postponed
January 14, 2000Globalock Corporation (GLLK) Name Change Postponed
January 14, 2000JR Consulting Inc (JRCI) Reverse Split & Name Change
January 13, 2000Silver State Bank (SVSB) Name Change Postponed
January 13, 2000Austin Land & Dev Inc (ASLU) Forward Split Revised
January 6, 2000Minimum Quotation Size Requirements for OTC Equity Securities
January 6, 2000eCONTENT Inc (ETNT) Symbol Change rescinded for 1/7/2000
January 3, 2000UPC Notice 002-2000: Worldwide Financial Group Inc (WWHI) 1-2 Reverse Split


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