October 25, 2014
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Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date/Comments
13:58 BAYU** Baynet Ltd 05/03/2000  
13:58 DSCOU** Discovery Laboratories Inc Uts 05/03/2000  
13:58 EPTC** Environmental Products & Technologies Corp 05/03/2000  
13:58 ITEC** Imaging Technologies Corp 05/03/2000  
13:58 MIHM Make It Happen Management 05/03/2000  
13:58 SKVYP** Sentry Technology Corp Cl A Pfd 05/03/2000  
13:58 TCCT Tech Creations Inc 05/03/2000  
13:58 TRDX** Tridex Corporation 05/03/2000  
Updated Symbol Company Name
13:58 ALEN** Autolend Group Inc New 
13:58 BAYU** Baynet Ltd 
13:58 CGYC** Carnegie International Corp 
13:58 IFOS** International Foam Solutions 
13:58 MIHM Make It Happen Management 
13:58 SBRA Sabre Automotive Inc 
13:58 TCCT Tech Creations Inc 
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date/Comments
13:58 AWDDE** Activeworlds.com Inc 05/03/2000 Listed on Nasdaq (see note 5) 
13:58 CCSCV** C-Cube Semiconductor Inc W/I 05/03/2000 Listed Nasdaq CUBED (S/D 5/08/2000) 
13:58 WOBSE** First Woburn Bancorp W/D/B 05/03/2000 Final liquidating distribution ($1.485265) 
Updated Date Old Symbol New Symbol Name
13:58 05/04/2000 AUGRE** AUGR Auto Graphics Inc (co compliant; see note 2) 
13:58 05/04/2000 BKVSE** BKVS Bank Visalia 
13:58 05/04/2000 BRGOE BRGO Borrego Springs Bank 
13:58 05/04/2000 CLSYE** CLSY Coinless Systems Inc 
13:58 05/04/2000 DRCTE** DRCT Direct III Marketing Inc 
13:58 05/04/2000 ETCHE** ETCH Elite Technologies Inc 
13:58 05/04/2000 ETIFE** ETIFF Eiger Tech Inc 
13:58 05/04/2000 EVCME** EVCM E-Vegas.com Inc 
13:58 05/04/2000 FDNIE** FDNI FDN Inc (co compliant; see note 3) 
13:58 05/04/2000 GDOLE** GDOL Goldonline International Inc (co compliant; see note 3) 
13:58 05/04/2000 MGGAE** MGGA Mega Micro Technologies Group (co compliant see note 1) 
13:58 05/04/2000 OLBWE OLBW Old Line Natl Bank Waldorf MD 
13:58 05/04/2000 PVACE** PVAC Pennsylvania Cap Bk Pittsburgh 
13:58 05/04/2000 SOCWE** SOCWW Sunbeam Corporation Wts 8/24/2003 
13:58 05/04/2000 SSAX** SSAXQ System Software Associates Inc 
13:58 05/04/2000 USBVE** USBV USA Sunrise Beverages Inc 
16:53 05/04/2000 USMGE** USMG US Medical Group Inc (co compliant; see note 3) 
14:55 05/04/2000 UVTFE** UVTFE Universal Turf Inc (see note 6) 
13:58 05/04/2000 VCSYE** VCSY Vertical Computer Systems (co compliant; see note 3) 
13:58 05/04/2000 VSTXE** VSTX Vestex Inc 
13:58 05/04/2000 WIBWE** WIBW Wilton Bank Wilton Conn 
16:53 05/04/2000 WSSTE** WSST Wall Street Strategies Corporation (co compliant; see note 3) 
13:58 05/04/2000 XBETE** XBET Asdar Group 
13:58 05/05/2000 BTLY** BTLYE Bentley Communications Corporation (see note 4) 
Updated Date Old Symbol Old Name New Symbol New Name
13:58 05/04/2000 MHMM** MHM Services Inc MHMI MHM Services Inc New (1-500 R/S) 
(1) Refer to D/L of 4/28/00 & 5/2/00: MIRGE had a name & sym chg eff 4/14/00 to MGGAE. The deletion and associated sym chg were disseminated erroneously under the old name. Co is compliant and will not be deleted eff 5/4/2000. See sym chg above.g
(2) The sym chg for AUGR adding an "E" eff 4/27/2000 was omitted from the 4/25/2000 D/L. AUGR is compliant with NASD Rule 6530. Sym chg will occur as noted above.
(3) Refer to D/L of 4/28/2000 and 5/2/2000: USMG, GDOL, VCSY, WSST and FDNI are compliant with NASD Rule 6530 and will not be deleted from the OTCBB eff 5/4/2000. Sym chgs will occur as noted above.
(4) BTLY is a 12g3 successor issuer under SEC review.
(5) Refer to D/L of 4/28/2000 & 5/2/2000: please disregard the anticipated deletion and assoc sym chg for Activeworlds.com Inc. Security listed on Nasdaq (AWLD).
6) Refer to D/L of 4/28/2000 & 5/2/2000: UVTFE is a 12g3 successor issuer under SEC review with an extended grace period until 5/14. Sym remains UVTFE on the OTCBB.

  • All Security Symbols appended with an "E" will be ineligible for quotation and subject to removal from the OTCBB in 30 calendar days (60 days if denoted with a plus sign "+") if the NASD does not receive information indicating that the company is current in its public reporting obligations pursuant to Rule 6530.
  • ** indicates NSCC Eligible Security (National Securities Clearing Corporation)
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