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Symbol Company Name Effective Date/Comments
SINCE** Southland Financial Inc 04/06/2000 (Reinstated; see note 4) 
SFGC** SFG Corp 04/07/2000 (Reinstated; co compliant w/6530) 
SPMR** SPM Group Inc 04/07/2000 (Reinstated; co compliant w/6530) 
Symbol Company Name Effective Date/Comments
AVNR** AVANIR Pharmaceuticals 04/06/2000 Listed Amex 
MDIX** Medix Resources Inc 04/06/2000 Listed Amex 
DDSZE** Digital Descriptor Systems Inc Wts B 8/10/2000 04/07/2000 Company filed form 15 
DGTTE** Digitec 2000 Inc 04/07/2000 Failure to comply with NASD Rule 6530 
GHCCE** Global Healthcare Communications (USA) Corporation 04/07/2000 Failure to comply with NASD Rule 6530 
LXRI** LXR Biotechnology Inc 04/07/2000 Company filed form 15 
PHVPQ** Philip Services Corporation 04/07/2000 Bankruptcy Reorganization (see note 6) 
RCGEO** Rochester Gas & El 4.95 Pfd K 04/07/2000 Company filed form 15 
ROCE** Rockies Fund Inc 04/07/2000 Company filed form 15 
ROGEL** Rochester Gas & El 4.75 Pfd I 04/07/2000 Company filed form 15 
ROGEM** Rochester Gas & El 4.10 Pfd H 04/07/2000 Company filed form 15 
ROGEO** Rochester Gas & El 4.00 Pfd F 04/07/2000 Company filed form 15 
VIDPE** Vidikron Technologies Group Inc Cv Pfd B 04/07/2000 Failure to comply with NASD Rule 6530 
XXDPC Development Partners 3 04/07/2000 Company filed form 15 
XXVCN JMB Income Properties Ltd 10 04/07/2000 Company filed form 15 
XXVCP JMB Income Properties Ltd 12 04/07/2000 Company filed form 15 
XXVCQ JMB Income Properties Ltd 13 04/07/2000 Company filed form 15 
YILDE** Yieldup International Corporation Wts B 11/21/2000 04/07/2000 Company filed form 15 
Date Old Symbol New Symbol Name
04/06/2000 ABIDE** ABID Showstar Online.Com Inc (co compliant; see note 1) 
04/06/2000 GAMZE** GAMZ Gamecom Inc (co compliant; see note 1) 
04/06/2000 OPKCE** OPKC Optika Investment Co Inc (co compliant; see note 1) 
04/06/2000 SCMSE** SCMS Scientific Measurement Sys Inc (co compliant; see note 1) 
04/06/2000 SECTE** SECT Sector Communications Inc (co compliant; see note 1) 
04/06/2000 SLPWE** SLPW Solpower Corp (co compliant; see note 1) 
04/07/2000 PESOE** PESO Northport Industries Inc 
04/07/2000 SAFFE** SAFFE Callmate Telecom Intl Inc (see note 2) 
04/07/2000 SCYA** SCYAE Security Asset Capital Corp (see note 5) 
04/07/2000 YLNE** YLNE Youthline USA Inc (co compliant; see note 3) 
04/10/2000 ACCT** ACCTE Argent Capital Corporation 
04/10/2000 AMPP** AMPPE American Pad & Paper Co 
04/10/2000 AMRB** AMRBE American River Holdings+ 
04/10/2000 ARMGA** ARMGE Arm Financial Group Inc Cl A 
04/10/2000 ATIW** ATIWE ATI Networks Inc 
04/10/2000 BYTE** BYTEE Piranha Inc 
04/10/2000 CAOL** CAOLE Cathayonline Inc 
04/10/2000 CDNO** CDNOE Cons Capital of North America Inc 
04/10/2000 CFIM** CFIME CFI Mortgage Inc 
04/10/2000 LEAD** LEADE Leadville Corp 
04/10/2000 LRDI** LRDIE Laredo Investment Corporation 
04/10/2000 MCII** MCIIE Morgan Cooper Inc 
04/10/2000 MNOC** MNOCE Mentor On Call Inc 
04/10/2000 MSSEL** MSSEE Mass El Co 4.44 Pfd 
04/10/2000 MSSEM** MSSJE Mass El Co 7.84 Pfd 
04/10/2000 MSSEN** MSSXE Mass El Co 4.76 Pfd 
04/10/2000 MSSEO** MSSQE Mass El Co 7.80 Pfd 
04/10/2000 MTRNQ** MTRNE Metrotrans Corp 
04/10/2000 NROM** NROME Noble Romans Inc 
04/10/2000 PALC** PALCE Pacific Alliance Corp 
04/10/2000 PELA PELAE Penn Laurel Financial Corp 
Date Old Symbol Old Name New Symbol New Name
04/07/2000 DMRX** DermaRx Corporation GNOW GoPublicNow.com Inc (1-5 R/S & N/C) 
04/07/2000 NWYT** Natural Way Technologies Inc ESFB eSoftBank.com Inc 
04/07/2000 PRCIE** Pierce International Inc NADAE North American Datacom Inc 
(1) Refer to Daily Lists of 3/31/2000 and 4/04/2000: ABID, GAMZ, OPKC, SCMS, SECT, and SLPW are compliant with NASD Rule 6530 and were not deleted from the OTCBB eff 4/06/2000. Sym chgs occured as noted above.
(4) Refer to D/L of 3/31/2000 and 4/04/2000: SINC is a 12g3-2 co and has an extended grace period of 30 days. Eff 4/07/2000, sym will be SINCE on the OTCBB.
(6) Emerging company will be available OTC under symbol PHVCV. Net effect of bankruptcy reorganization is 1-273 R/S.
(2) Refer to D/L of 3/31/2000 and 4/04/2000: SAFFE is a 12g3-2 company and has extended grace period of 30 days; symbol chg will occur as noted above. Please disregard special note disseminated 4/05/2000.
(5) Refer to D/L of 4/05/2000: SCYAE is a 12g3-2 co and has an extended grace period of 30 days. Please disregard note on D/L of 4/05/2000; sym chg will occur as noted above.
(3) Refer to D/L of 4/03/2000: YLNE is compliant with NASD Rule 6530 and will not have an "E" appended to its symbol eff 4/07/2000. Sym remains YLNE.

  • All Security Symbols appended with an "E" will be ineligible for quotation and subject to removal from the OTCBB in 30 calendar days (60 days if denoted with a plus sign "+") if the NASD does not receive information indicating that the company is current in its public reporting obligations pursuant to Rule 6530.
  • ** indicates NSCC Eligible Security (National Securities Clearing Corporation)
  • Questions concerning OTCBB changes should be directed to: Market Data Integrity at (203)375-9609
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