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Symbol Company Name Effective Date/Comments
AVXCF** Advantexcel.Com Communications Corporation 04/05/2000  
BNWW Bank Northwest (WA) 04/05/2000  
BULH** Bullhide Liner Corp 04/05/2000  
EBMT Eagle Bancorp 04/05/2000  
EIEI** EIEIHome.com Inc 04/05/2000  
HLTLA** Harrell Intl Inc Cl A 04/05/2000  
PETS** Petmed Express.com Inc 04/05/2000  
SKVY** Sentry Technology Corporation 04/05/2000  
Symbol Company Name
BULH** Bullhide Liner Corp 
DAZZ Dazzling Investments Inc 
EIEI** EIEIHome.com Inc 
GFDO Global Foods Online Inc 
RWDE Reward Enterprises Inc 
SWLL Softwall Equipment Corporation 
TRBY Torbay Holdings Inc 
Symbol Company Name Effective Date/Comments
EBGV** Ebony and Gold Ventures Inc 04/05/2000 Listed Amex 
NNCI** NetNation Communications Inc 04/05/2000 Listed on Nasdaq 
RNTK** Rentech Inc 04/05/2000 Listed Amex 
UNIX Unix Source America Inc 04/05/2000 Name change see MSHI 
VYRXW** Vyrex Corporation Wts 1/31/2000 04/05/2000 Expired security 
BCAL Bancalabama Inc 04/06/2000 Company filed form 15 
BKFL** Bankers Fid Life Insurance Co 04/06/2000 Company filed form 15 
BLKVO** Blackstone Valley Electric Company 5.60 Pfd 04/06/2000 Company filed form 15 
BLKVP** Blackstone Valley Electric Company 4.25 Pfd 04/06/2000 Company filed form 15 
CHAWE** Capital Investments Hawaii Inc 04/06/2000 Company filed form 15 
CSLX** CSL Lightning Manufacturing Inc 04/06/2000 Company filed form 15 
CYFL** Century Financial Corporation (MI) 04/06/2000 Company filed form 15 
DETTP** Denver & Ephrata Telephone & Tech 4.50 Pfd A 04/06/2000 Company filed form 15 
DIAM** Diagnostic Imaging Services Inc 04/06/2000 Company filed form 15 
ELLQ 1150 Liquidating Corp 04/06/2000 Company filed form 15 
ENSC** Ensec International Inc 04/06/2000 Company filed form 15 
FABP Farmers Bancorp (Ind) 04/06/2000 Company filed form 15 
FALN** First Allen Parish Bancorp Inc 04/06/2000 Company filed form 15 
HBIN** Hbancorporation Inc 04/06/2000 Company filed form 15 
HIVT** Health Insurance Vermont Inc 04/06/2000 Company filed form 15 
PSHPZ** Psh Master L P I 04/06/2000 Company filed form 15 
SCYAE** Security Asset Capital Corp 04/06/2000 Anticipated deletion: assoc sym chg to be published 4/04/2000 (see note 2) 
VBAS** Vermilion Bancorp Inc 04/06/2000 Company filed form 15 
Date Old Symbol New Symbol Name
04/06/2000 ADVVE** ADVV Advantage Technologies Inc (co compliant; see note 1) 
04/06/2000 SAFHE** SAFH Saf-T-Hammer Corp (co compliant; see note 1) 
04/06/2000 SALXE** SALX Salex Holding Corp (co compliant; see note 1) 
04/06/2000 SBIDE** SBID SBI Communications Inc (co compliant; see note 1) 
04/06/2000 SFKIE** SFKI Safetek International Inc (co compliant; see note 1) 
04/06/2000 SGBIE** SGBI Sangui BioTech International Inc (co compliant; see note 1) 
04/06/2000 SHPEE** SHPE Storm High Performance Sound Corp (co compliant; see note 1) 
04/06/2000 SPAIE** SPAI Sports Arena Inc (co compliant; see note 1) 
Date Old Symbol Old Name New Symbol New Name
04/06/2000 ASRS** Asia Resources Holdings Ltd AFBR Asia Fiber Holdings Ltd 
(2) Refer to D/L of 3/31/2000 and 4/04/2000: SCYAE is a 12g3-2 co and has an extended grace period of 30 days. Sym remains SCYAE on the OTCBB.
(1) Refer to D/L of 3/31/2000 and 4/04/2000: SPAI, SGBI, SAFH, ADVV, SHPE, SBID, SFKI, and SALX are compliant with NASD Rule 6530 and will not be deleted from the OTCBB eff 4/06/2000. Sym chgs will occur as noted above.

  • All Security Symbols appended with an "E" will be ineligible for quotation and subject to removal from the OTCBB in 30 calendar days (60 days if denoted with a plus sign "+") if the NASD does not receive information indicating that the company is current in its public reporting obligations pursuant to Rule 6530.
  • ** indicates NSCC Eligible Security (National Securities Clearing Corporation)
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