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OTCBB and Other-OTC System Changes - 9/30/2008 12:00:00 AM

OTCBB Daily List
Other-OTC / Portal / PPS Daily List
OTCBB, Other-OTC and Portal Daily List
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date OATS
Unit of
16:19 CKPCF CH Karnchang Public Company Limited Shs Foreign Registered (Thailand) 10/1/2008 100  
13:29 CRVYF Canadian Oil Recovery & Remediation Enterprises Ltd Common shares (Canada) 10/1/2008 100  
16:19 DTAS Data Storage Consulting Services, Inc. Common Stock 10/1/2008 100  

Portal System Changes 9/30/2008 12:00:00 AM
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date OATS
Unit of
13:29 JPBAL J P Morgan Int Indian Low Exercise Price Wt 144A 3C7 on Bharti Airtel Ltd 09/19/2013 (Jersey) 10/1/2008 100  
13:29 LIPD Lipid Sciences Incorporated Common Stock No Par Value 10/1/2008 100 From S (LIPD)** 
14:07 MNGA MagneGas Corporation Common Stock 10/1/2008 100 ** 
16:19 MSKA Muskoka Flooring Corporation Common Stock 10/1/2008 100 ** 
16:19 SLVH Silver Hill Mines, Inc. Common Stock 10/1/2008 100 From NBB (SLVH) ** 
13:29 USCN U.S. Canadian Minerals, Inc. New Common Stock 10/1/2008 100 From NBB (USCN)** 
16:19 VBBK Vibra Bank (CA) Common Stock 10/1/2008 100 From NBB (VBBK)** 
16:19 VRXMF Virexx Medical Corp Ordinary Shares (Canada) 10/1/2008 100 From Amex (REX) 
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date Unit of
17:05 AIMIF Art In Motion Income Fund Tr Unit (Canada) 10/1/2008 100 Acquisition ** 
16:19 BYERF Bayer Schering Pharma AG Ordinary SHS (Germany) 10/1/2008 100 Acquisition ** 
16:19 BYRRF Bayerische Motoren Werke Ag Pf Ordinary Shares 10/1/2008 100 Inactive Security 
16:19 CKCGF Ch Karnchang Pub Co (F)Tb10par Ordinary Shares 10/1/2008 100 Inactive security 
17:05 CRASF Clarins Sa Spon 144a Adr Ordinary Shares 10/1/2008 100 Acquisition ** 
14:07 IPNNF Independent Practitioner Network Ltd Ordinary Shares (Australia) 10/1/2008 100 Acquisition ** 
16:19 ITKYF Intelligence Ltd Tokyo Ordinary Shares 10/1/2008 Acquisition 
16:19 KNWCF Kenwood Corporation Ordinary Shares 10/1/2008 100 Acquisition ** 
13:29 KTNKF Kiatnakin Bank Public Co Ltd Warrants 9/30/2008 10/1/2008 100 Expired Security ** 
16:19 MRBLF Mirabell Intl Hldg Ltd Ordinary Shares 10/1/2008 100 Acquisition 
13:29 MSEWF Matsushita Elec Works Ltd Ord Ordinary Shares 10/1/2008 100 Inactive Security ** 
16:19 ORLRF Oriel Resources plc London Ordinary Shares (United Kingdom) 10/1/2008 100 Acquisition ** 
16:19 SLVH Silver Hill Mines, Inc. Common Stock 10/1/2008 100 Added to OTCBB (SLVH) ** 
16:19 TYNP Tianyin Pharmaceutical Co., Inc. Common Stock 10/1/2008 100 Listed on AMEX (TPI) 
13:29 UBROF UBS Ag Jersey BRH Return Optimization Secs Lkd S&P 500 Index 09/30/2008 (Jersey) 10/1/2008 100 Expired Security ** 
13:29 USCN U.S. Canadian Minerals, Inc. New Common Stock 10/1/2008 100 Added to OTCBB (USCN)** 
16:19 VBBK Vibra Bank (CA) Common Stock 10/1/2008 100 Added to OTCBB (VBBK)** 
13:29 VIROY Virotec Internatioal Ltd American Depositary Shares 10/1/2008 100 ADR Program Termination 
13:29 XARXF Xantrex Technology Inc Common Shares (Canada) 10/1/2008 100 Plan of arrangement ** 
16:19 YKHSF Yokohama Steel Ordinary Shares 10/1/2008 100 Acquisition 
Updated Date Old Symbol New Symbol Name Comment
13:29 10/1/2008 ETLT ETLTQ Eternal Technologies Group, Inc. Common Stock Receivership ** 
Updated Date Old Symbol Old Name New Symbol New Name Comment
13:29 10/1/2008 CELI CelebDirect, Inc. Common Stock MFLI Muscle Flex, Inc. Common Stock ** 
13:29 10/1/2008 CSLA Coastal Media, Inc. Common Stock BLUG Blugrass Energy Inc. Common Stock 15-1 F/S; Payable upon Surrender of Certificates ** 
13:29 10/1/2008 FLCOF Fullcast Company Ltd Tokyo Ordinary Shares FLCOF Fullcast Holding Co Ltd. Ordinary Shares (Japan) ** 
13:29 10/1/2008 FULCY Fullcast Co Ltd Sponsored ADR (Japan) FULCY Fullcast Holding Co Ltd. Sponsored ADR (Japan) ** 
13:29 10/1/2008 MMXT MediaMax Technology Corporation Common Stock EXMD Exchange Media Corporation Common Stock 1-2000 R/S ** 
13:29 10/1/2008 MSEWY Matsushita Electric Works Ltd ADR PNSWY Panasonic Electric Works Co Ltd Unsponsored ADR (Japan) ** 
16:19 10/1/2008 NITFF Neotel International Inc Ordinary Shares (Canada) TPIFF Tenth Power Technologies Corp Ordinary Shares (Canada) ** 
13:29 10/1/2008 SLBI Semcolabs Inc Common Stock VUSC Vietnam United Steel Corp Common Stock 1-100 R/S ** 
13:29 10/1/2008 TMDI Telemedicus, Inc. Common Stock NWND National Wind Solutions Inc Common Stock 1-20 R/S ** 
13:29 10/1/2008 TRES, Inc. Common Stock GISV Global Investor Service, Inc. Common Stock ** 
13:29 10/1/2008 VYXC Vyrex Corporation (DE) Common Stock PWVI PowerVerde, Inc. Common Stock ** 
14:07 10/1/2008 WLNT Wellentech Services, Inc. Common Stock IMPL Implex Corporation Common Stock ** 
17:05 10/2/2008 BFICF BFI Canada Income Fund Trust Units BFCUF BFI Canada LtdTrust Units Please note change in effective date from prior download. ** 

Private Placement Security Changes 9/30/2008 12:00:00 AM
There are no entries for Private Placement Security issues.

The deletion from NBB for SVMFF/SVMFF, reported on the Daily List of 09/30/2008, with an Effective Date of 10/01/2008, has been cancelled.

  • All Security Symbols appended with an "E" will be ineligible for quotation and subject to removal from the OTCBB in 30 calendar days (60 days if denoted with a plus sign "+") if FINRA does not receive information indicating that the company is current in its public reporting obligations pursuant to Rule 6530.
  • ** indicates NSCC Eligible Security (National Securities Clearing Corporation)
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