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Other-OTC System Changes - 9/25/2002 12:00:00 AM

OTCBB Daily List
Other-OTC / Portal / PPS Daily List
OTCBB, Other-OTC and Portal Daily List
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date OATS
Unit of
08:00 ALIJF Alti ACT (France) 9/25/2002    
08:00 CAPJF Caliente Capital Corporation (Canada) 9/25/2002    
08:00 CCEJF Corrocean ASA (Norway) 9/25/2002    
08:00 IPLRF Indophil Resources NL (Australia) 9/25/2002    
08:00 MLIGF Millimages ACT (France) 9/25/2002    
08:00 PLCFP Protective Life Corporation Cap Tr IV Gtd Tr Orig Pfd Secs % TOPRS 9/25/2002    
13:50 BARHF Benares Hotels Ltd shs Dematerialised (India) 9/26/2002    
13:50 CONSF Continental Construction Ltd shs Dematerialised (India) 9/26/2002    
13:50 FDILF FDC Limited shs Dematerialised (India) 9/26/2002    
13:50 GXETF Galaxy Entertainment Corporation Ltd shs Dematerialised (India) 9/26/2002    
13:50 HCLOF HCL Office Automation Ltd shs Dematerialised (India) 9/26/2002    
13:50 KJKAF Koninklijke Ahold NV Rts from 1/100 shs dividend (Netherlands) 9/26/2002    
13:50 MAGZ** Magnum Sports & Entertainment Inc 9/26/2002   From OTCBB (MAGZE) 
13:50 MBLUF Malabar Building Products Ltd shs Dematerialised (India) 9/26/2002    
13:50 MBSB** MB Software Corporation 9/26/2002   From OTCBB (MBSBE) 
13:50 MLNK** Multi-Link Telecommunications Inc 9/26/2002   From OTCBB (MLNKE) 
13:50 MMCI** Multimedia Concepts International Inc 9/26/2002   From OTCBB (MMCIE) 
13:50 MNCP** Motient Corporation New 9/26/2002   From OTCBB (MNCPE) 
13:50 MNCPW** Motient Corporation New Wts 5/1/2004 9/26/2002   From OTCBB (MNCWE) 
13:50 MPKC** Merchantpack Communications Inc 9/26/2002   From OTCBB (MPKCE) 
13:50 NASC** Network Access Solutions Corporation 9/26/2002   From OTCBB (NASCE) 
13:50 NOPTQ** NEON Communications Inc 9/26/2002   From OTCBB (NOPQE) 
13:50 NRES** National Residential Properties Inc 9/26/2002   From OTCBB (NRESE) 
13:50 NWPW** NewPower Holdings Inc 9/26/2002   From OTCBB (NWPW) 
13:50 PART** parts.com Inc 9/26/2002   From OTCBB (PARTE) 
13:50 PCRV** PowerCerv Corporation 9/26/2002   From OTCBB (PCRVE) 
13:50 PLRX** PlanetRX.com Inc 9/26/2002   From OTCBB (PLRXE) 
13:50 PRLN** Paracelsian Inc 9/26/2002   From OTCBB (PRLNE) 
13:50 RPSI** Reliable Power Systems Inc 9/26/2002   From OTCBB (RPSIE) 
13:50 SFTS** Safe Transportation Systems Inc 9/26/2002   From OTCBB (SFTSE) 
13:50 SGTYF Singapore Telecommunications Ltd shs Board Lot 100 (Singapore) 9/26/2002    
13:50 SMTV** Select Media Communications Inc 9/26/2002   From OTCBB (SMTVE) 
13:50 STCA** Statmon Technologies Corporation 9/26/2002   From OTCBB (STCAE) 
13:50 SVAD** Saliva Diagnostic Systems Inc 9/26/2002   From OTCBB (SVADE) 
13:50 THCR** THC Communications Inc 9/26/2002   From OTCBB (THCRE) 
13:50 TLSP** TeleSpectrum Worldwide Inc 9/26/2002   From OTCBB (TLSPE) 
13:50 TMRO** ThermoElastic Technologies Inc 9/26/2002   From OTCBB (TMROE) 
13:50 TROR** Tremor Entertainment Inc 9/26/2002   From OTCBB (TRORE) 
13:50 TRZC** Trezac Corporation 9/26/2002   From OTCBB (TRZCE) 
13:50 UMDA** Uncommon Media Group Inc 9/26/2002   From OTCBB (UMDAE) 
13:50 USXX** U.S. Technologies Inc 9/26/2002   From OTCBB (USXXE) 
13:50 VGDAQ** Vanguard Airlines Inc 9/26/2002   From OTCBB (VGDQE) 
13:50 WSLR** Whistler Inc 9/26/2002   From OTCBB (WSLRE) 
13:50 WWCO** Wireless WebConnect! Inc 9/26/2002   From OTCBB (WWCOE) 
13:50 ZOOX** Gadzoox Networks Inc 9/26/2002   From OTCBB (ZOOXE) 
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date Unit of
08:00 ANAG** Ancona Mining Corporation 9/25/2002  Listed OTCBB (ANAG) 
08:00 PONR** Pioneer Companies Inc New 9/25/2002  Listed OTCBB (PONR) 
08:00 SHGPF** Sharpe Resource Corporation (Canada) 9/25/2002  Listed OTCBB (SHGPF) 
13:50 DADKF Daeduck Industries Company Ltd ORD 9/26/2002  Reorganization (See DEDKF) 
13:50 DADOF Daeduck Industries Company Ltd Pfd 9/26/2002  Reorganization 
13:50 DESVF** Dreco Energy Services Ltd Exchangeable shs 9/26/2002  Redemption (1/sh NOI) 
13:50 DGGVF Dae Jeon Inv 9/26/2002  Security No Longer Exists 
13:50 DGHIF Dae Woo Precision 9/26/2002  Dupe of DWOPF 
13:50 DNESF Daedalia eSolutions Inc 9/26/2002  Aquired by TELUS Corporation (effective 7/6/2001) 
13:50 DWOPF Daewoo Precision Industries 9/26/2002  Acquired by Daewoo Telecom (effective 7/22/1999) 
13:50 GTMLF** Grupo TMM Sa de CV L shs 9/26/2002  Reclassified to A shs (See GTMAF) 
13:50 WRMPF Wooree Motor Sales Pfd 9/26/2002  Reorganization 
13:50 WRMTF Wooree Motor Sales ORD 9/26/2002  Reorganization (See DWOMF) 
Updated Date Old Symbol New Symbol Name Comment
13:50 9/26/2002 PRGN** PRGNQ Peregrine Systems Inc  
Updated Date Old Symbol Old Name New Symbol New Name Comment
13:50 9/26/2002 GLMNF Gladiator Minerals Inc HMINF Hinterland Metals Inc (1-2 R/S)  
13:50 9/26/2002 LDCI** Legal Documents Center Inc SFHG Seafood Harvest Group Inc  
13:50 9/26/2002 NXTH** Nxtech Wireless & Cable Systems Inc CMRA Chimera Technology Corporation (1-20 R/S)  

Portal System Changes 9/25/2002 12:00:00 AM
There are no entries for Portal issues.

Private Placement Security Changes 9/25/2002 12:00:00 AM
There are no entries for Private Placement Security issues.

  • ** indicates NSCC Eligible Security (National Securities Clearing Corporation)
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