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Other-OTC System Changes - 9/21/2007 12:00:00 AM

OTCBB Daily List
Other-OTC / Portal / PPS Daily List
OTCBB, Other-OTC and Portal Daily List
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date OATS
Unit of
15:15 BNMRP Bank Amer Corp Dep Sh Repstg 1/1000th Pfd Ser I 9/24/2007    
13:36 BNYTF Brainytoys Ltd Ordinary shares (Australia) 9/24/2007    
12:52 BRBI Blue River Bancshares, Inc. Common Stock 9/24/2007   From NCM (BRBI)** 
15:15 CDSP Citigroup FDG Inc Premium Mandatory Callable Equity lkd Secs Based upon S&P 500 Index 12/31/2009 9/24/2007    
13:36 CXTI China Expert Technology, Inc. Common Stock 9/24/2007   From BB (CXTIE)** 
15:39 EFPS Effective Profitable Software, Inc. Common Stock 9/24/2007    
15:15 GRTSF Greentech Energy systems A/S Ordinary shares (Denmark) 9/24/2007    
15:15 HEITF Home Equity Income Tr Unit (Canada) 9/24/2007    
15:15 JPIVF jpMorgan Indian Investment Trust Plc Ordinary shares (United Kingdom) 9/24/2007    
13:36 KNDI Kandi Technolgies, Corp. Common Stock 9/24/2007   From BB (KNDIE)** 
17:00 LFRGY Lafarge S.A. Common Stock 9/24/2007   From NYSE (LR) 
15:15 MAVUF Mavuzi Resources Ltd Ordinary shares (Australia) 9/24/2007    
13:36 MNQB MORGAN STANLEY Plus Based on Ishares NASDAQ Biotechnology Index Fd 12/20/2008 9/24/2007    
13:36 MSBR MORGAN STANLEY Protected Absolute Return Barrier Nt Based on Value of Ishares MSCI Emerging Mkts Index Fd 03/18/09 9/24/2007    
13:36 MSEB MORGAN STANLEY Buffered Plus Based on EQuity Basket 06/20/2011 9/24/2007    
13:36 MSRL MORGAN STANLEY Bear Mkt Plus Base Inversely on Value of Russell 2000 Index 10/20/08 9/24/2007    
13:36 MSSP MORGAN STANLEY Bear Mkt Plus Based Invesely on Value of S&P 500 Index 10/20/08 9/24/2007    
13:36 MSSX MORGAN STANLEY Partn Nt Based on Performance of Sevens Index 10/06/2010 9/24/2007    
13:36 MXLF MORGAN STANLEY Plus Base on Finl Select Sector Spdr Fd 10/20/2008 9/24/2007    
13:36 OCHT Orchestra Therapeutics, Inc. Common Stock 9/24/2007   From BB (OCHTE)** 
13:36 OYSM Oasys Mobile, Inc. Common Stock 9/24/2007   From BB (OYSME)**  
16:20 PEARF Premiere AG, Muenchen Rts for N -AKT 09/24/07 (Germany) 9/24/2007    
15:39 RBSGF Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc (The) Sponsored ADR Representing Pfef shs ser T (United Kingdom) 9/24/2007    
13:36 SGMG Spectre Gaming, Inc. Common Stock 9/24/2007   From BB (SGMGE)** 
13:36 UTIX Utix Group, Inc. Common Stock 9/24/2007   From BB (UTIXE)** 
13:36 VCMP VCampus Corporation Common Stock 9/24/2007   From BB (VCMPE)** 
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date Unit of
15:15 AAUGF American Assur Underwriter Grp Ordinary Shares 9/24/2007  Acquisition 
15:15 AKENF Amtek Engineering Ordinary Shares 9/24/2007  Acquisition 
15:15 BRZLF Brazin Ltd Ord Ordinary Shares 9/24/2007  Acquisition 
16:20 BYCAF Baycorp Advantage Ltd Ordinary Shares 9/24/2007  Acquisition ** 
15:15 CCHJF Cci Holdings Ltd Ordinary Shares 9/24/2007  Acquisition 
15:15 CNLVF China Natl Aviation Ordinary Shares 9/24/2007  Acquisition ** 
16:20 CPRDF Chiina Paradise Electronics Retail Limited Ordinary Shares (Cayman Islands) 9/24/2007  Acquisition ** 
15:15 CPUAF Crest Petroleum Bhd (F) Ordinary Shares 9/24/2007  Corporate Reorganization. See SPBHF. 
16:20 CSDFF Companhia Siderurgica Belgo-Mineira Ordinary Shares 9/24/2007  Inactive security 
16:20 EMIPF Emi Group Plc Ordinary Shares (UK) 9/24/2007  Acquisition ** 
15:15 FTOBF 42 Below Ltd Ordinary Shares (New Zealand) 9/24/2007  Acquisition ** 
15:15 GTVLF Global Television Ltd Ordinary Shares (Australia) 9/24/2007  Acquisition ** 
15:15 HLTTF Hulett Aluminium Proprietary Ltd Ordinary shares (South Africa) 9/24/2007  Inactive security ** 
13:36 IHCBF International Hydrocarbons Corp Ordinary Shares 9/24/2007  Acquisition ** 
16:20 IVSPF Investa Property Group Ordinary Shares (Australia) 9/24/2007  Acquisition ** 
15:15 JDGRF J D Group Ltd (South Africa) Ordinary Shares 9/24/2007  Corporate Reorganization. See JDGPF. 
13:36 LMGFF Larmag Intl Ab Ser B Ordinary Shares 9/24/2007  Inactive security 
15:15 LNLT Lions Gate Lighting Corp. Common Stock 9/24/2007  Added to OTCBB (LNLT) ** 
13:36 MAGBF Magna Intl Inc Cl B Cda Ordinary Shares 9/24/2007  Plan of arrangement ** 
15:15 MIBNF Misr International Bank Ordinary Shares 9/24/2007  Acquisition 
13:36 MRKSF Merck Serono Sa B Ordinary Shares 9/24/2007  Acquisition ** 
15:15 MRYVF Murray VCT 2 plc Ordinary Shares 9/24/2007  Inactive security ** 
15:15 MYNPF Mayne Pharma Ltd Ordinary Shares (Australia) 9/24/2007  Acquisition ** 
15:15 NIKDF Nikkodo Co Ltd Ordinary Shares 9/24/2007  Acquisition 
15:15 PRERF Premier Tech Ltd Ordinary Shares 9/24/2007  Acquisition 
15:15 SIAHF Siam Panich Leasing Public Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (Thailand) 9/24/2007  Acquisition ** 
15:15 SNDFF Sound Energy Trust Ordinary Shares (Canada) 9/24/2007  Acquisition ** 
16:20 SOPW Solar Power, Inc. Common Stock 9/24/2007  Added to OTCBB (SOPW) 
15:15 SPNHF Siam Panich Leasing Tb10 Lcl Ordinary Shares 9/24/2007  Acquisition 
15:15 SPNXF Siam Panich Leasing Public Co Units Non-Voting Depository Receipt (Thailand) 9/24/2007  Acquisition ** 
16:20 SYUIF Senyuan International Holdings Ltd Ordinary Shares (Cayman Islands) 9/24/2007  Acquisition ** 
13:36 UBKFF Union Bk Ltd Ordinary Shares 9/24/2007  Acquisition 
13:36 USMLY US Commercial Corp SA de CV American Depositary Shares 9/24/2007  ADR Program Termination 
15:15 WIINF Winsor Industrial Ltd Ord Ordinary Shares 9/24/2007  Acquisition ** 
Updated Date Old Symbol Old Name New Symbol New Name Comment
17:14 9/24/2007 CLPGF Calypso Acquisition Corporation Ordinary Shares CLPYF Calypso Uranium Corp Ordinary Shares ** 
13:36 9/24/2007 CPTY Capital City Bancshares, Inc. Common Stock CPTY Capitol City Bancshares, Inc. (GA) Common Stock Refer to the D/L 09/20/2007: Correction to Name 
16:20 9/24/2007 DQGPF Daqing Petroleum & Chemical Group, Ltd. Ordinary Shares (Cayman Islands) HKD CZCGF China Zenith Chemical Group Ltd Ordinary Shares (Cayman Islands) HKD ** 
13:36 9/24/2007 DTMR Detroit Mtg & Rlty Co Common Stock BBRE Boundary Bay Resources, Inc. Common Stock 40-1 F/S; Payable upon Surrender of Certificates ** 
13:36 9/24/2007 FOLPF Frigorifico La Pampa Sa Pamp Shs 1 Vote (Argentina) PMPAF Pampa Holding SA Shs 1 Vote (Argentina) ** 
16:20 9/24/2007 GPGNF Grupo Gigante Sa De Cv Ser B Ord Ordinary Shares GPGNF Grupo Gigante SAB De Cv Ser B Ord Ordinary Shares ** 
17:00 9/24/2007 SLGHF Slough Estates Plc Ord Ordinary Shares SEGFF Segro Plc REIT Ordinary Shares ** 
16:20 9/24/2007 VSGDF Vision Grande Group Holdings Limited Ordinary Shares (Cayman Islands) AMVGF Amvig Holdings Ltd Ordinary Shares (Cayman Islands) ** 

Portal System Changes 9/21/2007 12:00:00 AM
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date OATS
Unit of
13:35 GSMKY GSMSC 2007 NIM4 Ltd Ordinary Shares 144A (Cayman Islands) 9/24/2007    
16:21 LBFHL Lehman Bros Luxembourg Equity Fin S A Indian Low Exercise Price Wt 144A Fortis Healthcare Ltd 09/24/2012 (Luxembourg) 9/24/2007    
16:21 LBGNL Lehman Bros Luxembourg Equity Fin S A Indian Low Exercise Price Wt 144A Gujarat Nre Coke Ltd 09/05/2012 (Luxembourg) 9/24/2007    
16:21 LBGSL Lehman Bros Luxembourg Equity Fin S A Indian Low Exercise Price Wt 144A Gujarat State Petronet Ltd 09/05/2012 (Luxembourg) 9/24/2007    
16:21 LBREL Lehman Bros Luxembourg Equity Fin S A Indian Low Exercise Price Wt 144A Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd 09/05/2012 (Luxembourg) 9/24/2007    
16:21 LMMLY Lehman Bros Luxembourg Equity Fin S A Indian Low Exercise Price Warrant 144A Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd 09/07/2012 (Luxembourg) 9/24/2007    
16:21 UBSOL UBS AG LONDON BRH Low Exercise Call Warrant on 144A S-Oil Corp 09/03/2010 (United Kingdom) 9/24/2007    
13:35 UBTSJ UBS AG LONDON BRH 144A Low Exercise Call Wt on Kookmin Bk (United Kingdom) 9/24/2007    
16:21 UKTGL UBS AG LONDON BRH Low Exercise Call Warrant on 144A KT&G Corp 09/03/2010 (United Kingdom) 9/24/2007    
13:35 WOOCY Woodbourne CDA Real Estate Invs Ltd Ordinary Shares 144A (Cayman Islands) 9/24/2007    
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date Unit of
13:35 MSLEL MORGAN STANLEY Reverse Conv Lkd to a Basket 144A of Homebuilder Stks 09/21/2007 9/24/2007  Expired Security 

Private Placement Security Changes 9/21/2007 12:00:00 AM
There are no entries for Private Placement Security issues.

The Addition to NBB for UFEN, reported on the Daily List of 09/21/2007, with an Effective Date of 09/24/2007, has been cancelled. UFEN will remain on OTCBB.

  • ** indicates NSCC Eligible Security (National Securities Clearing Corporation)
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