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Other-OTC System Changes - 9/18/2007 12:00:00 AM

OTCBB Daily List
Other-OTC / Portal / PPS Daily List
OTCBB, Other-OTC and Portal Daily List
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date OATS
Unit of
08:06 TEXG Terax Energy, Inc. Common Stock 9/18/2007   From OTCBB (TEXG)** 
13:31 ADOT Advanced Optics Electronics, Inc. Common Stock 9/19/2007   From BB (ADOTE)** 
13:31 BEEY Bioenergy Inc. Common Stock 9/19/2007   From BB (BEEYE)** 
13:31 BRVO Bravo! Brands Inc. Common Stock 9/19/2007   From BB (BRVOE)** 
13:31 FDEI Fidelis Energy, Inc. Common Stock 9/19/2007   From BB (FDEIE)** 
13:31 FSTW Firstwave Technologies Inc. Common Stock 9/19/2007   From S (FSTW)** 
15:42 GCKO Gecko Systems Corp Common Stock 9/19/2007    
13:31 IACE Ideal Accents, Inc. Common Stock 9/19/2007   From BB (IACEE)** 
13:31 IPFPF International Personal Finance Plc, Leeds Ordinary shares (United Kingdom) 9/19/2007    
15:42 MNLU Mainland Resources Inc. Common Stock 9/19/2007    
15:42 POLC Political Calls, Inc. Common Stock 9/19/2007    
13:31 PTRN Patron Systems, Inc. Common Stock 9/19/2007   From BB (PTRNE)** 
13:31 RDRIF Red Rock Energy Inc Common (Canada) 9/19/2007    
13:31 SNMWL Sasco NIM Co 2007 WF2 Preferred shares 144A 3C7 (Cayman Islands) 9/19/2007    
13:31 XKEM Xechem International, Inc. Common Stock 9/19/2007   From BB (XKEME)** 
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date Unit of
13:31 YMTHF Yamatake Honeywell Ordinary Shares 9/18/2007  Corporate Reorganization. See YMATF. 
13:31 ABOOF Alliance Boots plc Ordinary Shares (United Kingdom) 9/19/2007  Acquisition ** 
13:31 AEMSF Apem Sa Ordinary Shares 9/19/2007  Inactive security ** 
13:31 AIXAF Ainax Ab Ordinary Shares (Sweden) 9/19/2007  Acquisition ** 
16:40 ALSFF Alsons Cement (Phl) Ordinary Shares 9/19/2007  Inactive security 
13:31 ASGFF Assurance Generale De France Ordinary Shares 9/19/2007  Acquisition ** 
16:40 COFOF Codan A/S Ordinary Shares (Denmark) 9/19/2007  Acquisition 
13:31 ETBVF Electrabel Sa-Strip Wpr Ordinary Shares 9/19/2007  Acquisition ** 
16:40 ETQBF Electrabel Npv(Apv1) Ord Ordinary Shares 9/19/2007  Acquisition 
15:42 GEAOF Gescartao Sgps Sa Ordinary Shares (Portugal) 9/19/2007  Acquisition ** 
16:58 GLOW Glowpoint, Inc. Common Stock 9/19/2007  Added to OTCBB (GLOW) ** 
15:42 KSGNF Kensington Group Plc Ordinary Shares 9/19/2007  Acquisition ** 
13:31 KYEXF Kyowa Exeo Corp Ordinary Shares 9/19/2007  Corporate Reorganization. See KYWAF. 
13:31 LANW Language Access Network, Inc. Common Stock 9/19/2007  Added to OTCBB (LANW) ** 
16:40 LEGYF Legacy Hotels Reit Ordinary Shares 9/19/2007  Acquisition ** 
15:42 LGADF Lgad Inc Ordinary Shares 9/19/2007  Corporate Reorganization. See GRIPF. 
16:40 MKOFF Malakoff Berhad Ordinary Shares 9/19/2007  Acquisition ** 
16:40 MQPUF Macquarie Prologis Trust Units (Australia) 9/19/2007  Acquisition ** 
13:31 PJIBF Pohjola Group plc Class D Ordinary Shares (Finland) 9/19/2007  Acquisition ** 
13:31 PRHRF P 4 Radio Helenorge Asa Ordinary Shares 9/19/2007  Acquisition 
15:42 PZOBF Paterson Zochonis A Non Vtg Ordinary Shares 9/19/2007  Corporate Reorganization. See PZCUF. ** 
13:31 SGGGY SGL Carbon Aktiengesellschaft Common Stock 9/19/2007  ADR Program Termination (16.0822/sh) ** 
16:40 SMTMF Sumitomo Leasing Corp Ordinary Shares 9/19/2007  Acquisition 
16:40 SRFSF Sirius Financial Solutions plc Ordinary Shares 9/19/2007  Acquisition ** 
16:40 TIANF Tianjin Bohai Chem Ind H Shs Ordinary Shares 9/19/2007  Corporate Reorganization. See TNJIF. ** 
13:31 TOHGF Toho Gas Co Ltd (F) Ordinary Shares 9/19/2007  Corporate Reorganization. See THOGF. 
13:31 TRCKF Tryckinvest I Nord Ordinary Shares 9/19/2007  Inactive security 
13:31 TRXRF Torex Retail plc Ordinary Shares 9/19/2007  Acquisition ** 
16:40 WPTTF Westpac Trust Investments Westpac Trust Investments 9/19/2007  Inactive security 
Updated Date Old Symbol Old Name New Symbol New Name Comment
13:31 9/14/2007 AVLCF Avalanche Networks Corp Ordinary Shares AVHFF Avalanche Minerals Ltd. Ordinary Shares ** 
15:42 9/19/2007 CTBFF CTB Financial Holding Co Ltd Ordinary Shares MGFNF Mega Financial Holding Co Ordinary Shares ** 
15:42 9/19/2007 DLARF De La Rue Co Ltd Plc (New) Ordinary Shares DLRUF De La Rue Plc Ordinary Shares ** 
16:40 9/19/2007 GMCJF General Mineral Corporation Ordinary Shares (Canada) SCPZF Sprott Resource Corp Ordinary Shares (Canada) ** 
13:31 9/19/2007 GSHG Greenstone Holdings, Inc. Common Stock GSHN Greenstone Holdings, Inc. New Common Stock 1-25 R/S ** 
15:42 9/19/2007 KARDF Karstadt Ord Ordinary Shares ACAGF Arcandor AG Ordinary Shares ** 
16:58 9/19/2007 UBDVF United Bolero Develop Corp Ordinary Shares BRUCF Bolero Resources Corp Ordinary Shares ** 
13:31 9/19/2007 UBGPF Unibet Group Plc London Swedish Depository Receipts (united Kingdom) UBGRF Unibet Group Plc Swedish Depository Receipts (Malta) ** 
13:31 9/19/2007 UDCGF United Construction Grp Lt Ordinary Shares UDCGF United Group Limited Ordinary Shares  

Portal System Changes 9/18/2007 12:00:00 AM
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date OATS
Unit of
16:40 UBAGL UBS AG LONDON BRH Low Exercise Call Warrant on Hon 144A Precision Inds 02/05/2008 (United Kingdom) 9/19/2007    
16:40 UBAGW UBS AG LONDON BRH Low Exercise Call Warrant on 144A LLoyd Electric & Engineering 09/11/2008 (United Kingdom) 9/19/2007    
16:40 UBAGY UBS AG LONDON BRH Low Exercise Call Warrant on 144A Gokaldas Exports Ltd 09/11/2008 (United Kingdom) 9/19/2007    

Private Placement Security Changes 9/18/2007 12:00:00 AM
There are no entries for Private Placement Security issues.

The Addition to NBB for NCNB, reported on the Daily List of 09/18/2007, with an Effective Date of 09/19/2007, has been cancelled. This security will be quoted on OTCBB.

  • ** indicates NSCC Eligible Security (National Securities Clearing Corporation)
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