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Other-OTC System Changes - 9/10/2007 12:00:00 AM

OTCBB Daily List
Other-OTC / Portal / PPS Daily List
OTCBB, Other-OTC and Portal Daily List
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date OATS
Unit of
13:49 BPSAF Banco Popolare Societa' Cooperativa Ordinary shares (Italy) 9/11/2007    
16:20 CCSV Coastline Corporate Services, Inc. Common Stock 9/11/2007    
16:20 CZMWY Carl Zeiss Meditec AG Unsponsored ADR (Germany) 9/11/2007    
16:20 FSRX Firstar Exploration Corporation Common Stock 9/11/2007    
17:00 NMTG New York Mortgage Trust Inc Common Stock 9/11/2007   From NYSE (NTR) 
13:49 SEVNF Seventh Continent JSC Moscow Ordinary shares (Russia) 9/11/2007    
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date Unit of
16:20 AGIRF Agincourt Resources Ltd Ordinary Shares (Australia) 9/11/2007  Acquisition ** 
16:20 BLRLF Bear Lake Res Ltd Ordinary Shares 9/11/2007  Acquisition 
16:20 CPGUF Compel Group Plc Ordinary Shares 9/11/2007  Acquisition 
16:20 CSOWF Consol Ltd Wadeville Ordinary Shares (South Africa) 9/11/2007  Acquisition ** 
13:49 CYRX CryoPort, Inc. Common Stock 9/11/2007  Added to OTCBB (CYRX)** 
13:49 EDCA Edcoa Inc Common Stock 9/11/2007  Inactive Issue ** 
16:20 EGXDF Eurasia Gold Inc Ordinary Shares (Canada) 9/11/2007  Acquisition ** 
16:20 FJRBF Fujirebio Inc Ordinary Shares 9/11/2007  Corporate Reorganization. See MRCHF. ** 
16:20 FMCPF Fresenius Med Car Ag Pfd N Vtg Ordinary Shares 9/11/2007  Corporate Reorganization. See FMCQF. 
16:20 GFME George Foreman Enterprises, Inc. Common Stock 9/11/2007  Added to OTCBB (GFME) ** 
16:20 IBLZF Inmobiliaria Colonial Sa Ordinary SHares (Spain) 9/11/2007  Acquisition ** 
16:20 IOONF Isotron Plc Ordinary Shares 9/11/2007  Acquisition 
16:20 ISSYF Internet Security Systems KK Tokyo Internet Security Systems KK Tokyo 9/11/2007  Acquisition ** 
16:20 JHCRF Johan Ceramics Berhad Ordinary Shares 9/11/2007  Acquisition 
16:20 KISCF KGI Securities Thailand Public Co Ltd Shares Foreign Registered (Thailand) 9/11/2007  Inactive security ** 
16:20 LDWNF Landwind Medical Holdings Ltd Ordinary Shares (Singapore) 9/11/2007  Acquisition ** 
13:49 LOGMF Louvicourt Gold Mines Inc Ordinary Shares 9/11/2007  Inactive Issue ** 
16:20 LZHAF Lanzhou Aluminium Industry Co Ltd Shs -A- (China) 9/11/2007  Acquisition ** 
13:49 MEOLF Meridian Oil N L Ord Ordinary Shares 9/11/2007  Ordinary shares deemed worthless. 
16:20 MMGLF MEM Group Ltd Ordinary Shares 9/11/2007  Acquisition ** 
16:20 OCHPF Orchard Petroleum Ltd Ordinary Shares (Australia) 9/11/2007  Acquisition ** 
13:49 ORVTF Oriental Investment Corporation, Ltd. Ordinary Shares (Bermuda) HKD 9/11/2007  Corporate Reorganization. See CPEDF. ** 
16:20 PCVRF Pinnacle VRB Ltd Ordinary Shares 9/11/2007  Inactive security 
16:20 PEEGF Peermont Global Ltd Ordinary Shares (South Africa) 9/11/2007  Acquisition ** 
16:20 PSRHF Pt Sari Husada Tbk Ordinary Shares (Indonesia) 9/11/2007  Acquisition ** 
16:20 RECOF Repco Corporation Ltd Ordinary Shares (Australia) 9/11/2007  Acquisition ** 
13:49 RTHXF Rolling Thunder Exploration Ltd Common Class A Shares (Canada) 9/11/2007  Acquisition ** 
16:20 RURRF Rural Press Pfd Ordinary Shares 9/11/2007  Acquisition 
16:20 RYIHF Roly International Holdings, Ltd. Ordinary Shares 9/11/2007  Acquisition 
16:20 SCTLF Southern Capital Ltd Ordinary Shares 9/11/2007  Acquisition ** 
16:20 SCUAF Shell Canada Ltd Cl A U S Ordinary Shares 9/11/2007  Acquisition ** 
16:20 SFGSF Safeguards Corporation Bhd Ordinary Shares (Malaysia) 9/11/2007  Acquisition ** 
16:20 SHNAF Shandong Aluminium Industry Co Ltd Shares -A- (China) 9/11/2007  Acquisition ** 
16:20 SRDJF Sardus Ab Ordinary Shares 9/11/2007  Acquisition 
16:20 SURLF Sunrise Sr Living Real Estate Invt Tr Unit (Canada) 9/11/2007  Acquisition ** 
16:20 TGREF Taiwan Green Point Enterprises Co Ltd Ordinary Shares 9/11/2007  Acquisition ** 
16:20 TMHBF Tomisho Holdings Bhd Thb Ordinary shares (Malaysia) 9/11/2007  Acquisition ** 
16:20 TPZFF Telepizza Sa Ord Ordinary Shares 9/11/2007  Acquisition 
16:20 TTPSF Trans Tasman Poroperties Ltd Ordinary Shares (New Zealand) 9/11/2007  Acquisition 
16:20 UCLMF UCM Group plc Ordinary Shares (United Kingdom) 9/11/2007  Acquisition 
16:20 WSBWF Wilson Bowden Plc Ordinary Shares 9/11/2007  Acquisition 
Updated Date Old Symbol New Symbol Name Comment
13:49 9/11/2007 BTECF BSLEF Bit-Isle Inc, Tokyo Ordinary Shares (Japan) ** 
13:49 9/11/2007 HEDCF HREDF Hartford Education Corporation LTD ordinary shares (Singapore) ** 
13:49 9/11/2007 ITMEF ITME International TME Resources Inc. Ordinary Shares (Canada) Issuer under Rule 3b-4 ** 
13:49 9/11/2007 PRCNF PAACF Paraca Inc, Tokyo Ordinary shares (Japan) ** 
Updated Date Old Symbol Old Name New Symbol New Name Comment
16:20 9/11/2007 CFITF Cofco International Ltd Ex China Foods Holdings Ltd Ordinary Shares CHFHF China Foods Ltd Ordinary Shares ** 
13:49 9/11/2007 CNAEF Centram Exploration Ltd Ordinary Shares (Canada) PUCCF Pancontinental Uranium Corporation Ordinary Shares (Canada) ** 
16:20 9/11/2007 EXTTF E-Xact Transactions Ltd Ordinary Shares EXTT E-Xact Transactions Ltd Common Stock ** 
13:49 9/11/2007 FRDC Free DA Connection Services, Inc. Common Stock ETHS Earthshine International Limited Common Stock 1-100 R/S ** 
13:49 9/11/2007 HEDCF Hartford Education Corporation LTD ordinary shares (Singapore) HREDF Hartford Education Corporation LTD ordinary shares (Singapore) ** 
13:49 9/11/2007 HTLNF Heartland Resources Inc Common Shares (Canada) RYDOF Ryland Oil Corporation Common Shares (Canada) ** 
13:49 9/11/2007 IEARF International Arimax Resources Inc Ordinary Shares WCURF WestCan Uranium Corp. Ordinary Shares ** 
13:49 9/11/2007 NISOF Nissho Corp Yen Ordinary Shares NISOF Nipro Corporation Ordinary Shares  
13:49 9/11/2007 SBISF Softbank Investment International Strategic Inc Ordinary Shares CRNJF China Renji Medical Group Ltd. Ordinary Shares ** 
16:20 9/11/2007 SBKRF South China Brokerage Co Ltd Ordinary shares (Hong Kong) SBKRF South China Financial Holdings Ltd Ordinary shares (Hong Kong) ** 
13:49 9/11/2007 SCVR Stem Cell Ventures, Inc. Common Stock PPJT Pipejoin Technologies, Inc. Common Stock 1-60 R/S ** 

Portal System Changes 9/10/2007 12:00:00 AM
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date Unit of
13:49 SDDFY Siderar S A I C Sponsored 144A ADR representing Class A Shs 9/11/2007  ADR Program Termination ** 
16:20 VNPZY Venepal S.A.C.A. Cl B Ord 144A 9/11/2007  ADR Program Termination ** 

Private Placement Security Changes 9/10/2007 12:00:00 AM
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date Unit of
13:49 SDDRF Siderar S A I C Sponsored Reg S GDR representing Class A Shs 9/11/2007  ADR Program Termination 

  • ** indicates NSCC Eligible Security (National Securities Clearing Corporation)
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