October 25, 2014
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OTCBB and Other-OTC System Changes - 8/18/2010 12:00:00 AM

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There are no entries for Other OTC issues.

Portal System Changes 8/18/2010 12:00:00 AM
There are no entries for Portal issues.

Private Placement Security Changes 8/18/2010 12:00:00 AM
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date OATS
Unit of
13:08 JPNLZ JPMorgan Chase Bank N A London Branch VIETNAM LOW EXCERCISE PRICE WT (144A 3C7) Expiring 7/27/2015 8/19/2010 100  
17:27 JPZZZ JPMorgan Chase Bank N A London Branch INDIAN LOW EXERCISE PRICE WT 144A 3C7 (TATA CONSULTANCY SVCS LTD) (Expires 10/13/2014) 8/19/2010 100  
17:27 PRAKF Perak Corp Bhd Ordinary Shares 8/19/2010 100  
17:27 SNRCF Stonegate Agricom, Ltd. Ordinary Shares (Canada) 8/19/2010 100  
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date Unit of
12:43 VSUNQ VeraSun Energy Corporation Common Stock 8/18/2010 100 Plan of Bankruptcy Effecitve. All shares have been cancelled. ** 
13:08 CKPBF Chin Teck Plantations Bhd Ordinary Shares 8/19/2010 100 Inactive Security** 
13:08 CQMLF Conquest Mining Ltd Ordinary Shares 8/19/2010 100 Inactive Security** 
13:08 DANKF Danka Business Systems PLC Ordinary Shares 8/19/2010 100 Inactive Security** 

Portal System Changes 8/18/2010 12:00:00 AM
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date Unit of
13:08 FGICN Financial Guaranty Insurance Company Perp Pfd Ser D 144A 3C7 8/19/2010 100 Inactive Security** 
13:08 FGICO Financial Guaranty Insurance Company Perp Pfd Ser E 144A 3C7 8/19/2010 100 Inactive Security** 
13:08 FGICS Financial Guaranty Insurance Company Perp Pfd Ser F 144A 3C7 8/19/2010 100 Inactive Security** 
13:08 FGICT Financial Guaranty Insurance Company Perp Pfd Ser A 144A 3C7 8/19/2010 100 Inactive Security** 
13:08 ITHAF IT Holding Spa AZ (Italy) EUR 8/19/2010 100 Inactive Security** 
13:08 MINHF Min Xin Holding Ordinary Shares 8/19/2010 100 Inactive Security** 
13:08 ONSD Onsted State Bank Common Stock 8/19/2010 100 Inactive Security** 
13:08 RTIIQ Rti Inc Common Stock 8/19/2010 100 Inactive Security** 
13:08 SSNNF Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Pfd Shares Non Voting 8/19/2010 Inactive Security** 
13:08 TRHXF Trans Hex Group Ltd Ordinary Shares (South Africa) 8/19/2010 100 Inactive Security** 
13:08 TWSMF Taiwan Semiconductor Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (Taiwan) 8/19/2010 100 Inactive Security** 
Updated Date Old Symbol New Symbol Name Comment
17:27 8/19/2010 FPBN FPBNE 1st Pacific Bancorp Common Stock ** 
17:27 8/19/2010 GGSIF GGSIE Giant Oil & Gas Inc. Common Shares (Canada) ** 
13:08 8/19/2010 NCOA NCOAQ nCoat, Inc. Common Stock ** 
17:27 8/19/2010 POLAE POLGA Polymer Group, Inc. Common Stock Cl-A ** 
17:27 8/19/2010 POLBE POLGB Polymer Group, Inc. Common Stock Cl-B ** 
13:08 8/20/2010 APSN APSNE Applied NeuroSolutions, Inc. NEW Common Stock Delinquent ** 
13:08 8/20/2010 CHHN CHHNE CH Lighting International Corporation Common Stock Delinquent ** 
13:08 8/20/2010 CNMV CNMVE China Northern Medical Device, Inc. Common Stock Delinquent ** 
13:08 8/20/2010 DNGH DNGHE Dongsheng Pharmaceutical International Co. Ltd. Common Stock Delinquent ** 
13:08 8/20/2010 DTRO DTROE Deltron, Inc. Common Stock Delinquent ** 
13:08 8/20/2010 ESVC ESVCE Ensign Services, Inc. Common Stock Delinquent** 
13:08 8/20/2010 FCPN FCPNE First Capital International, Inc. Common Stock Delinquent ** 
13:08 8/20/2010 GEVI GEVIE General Environmental Management, Inc. Common Stock Delinquent ** 
13:08 8/20/2010 IFSG IFSGE Infosmart Group, Inc. Common Stock Delinquent ** 
13:08 8/20/2010 IMGX IMGXE Image Metrics, Inc. Common Stock Delinquent ** 
13:08 8/20/2010 IXEH IXEHE IX Energy Holdings, Inc. Common Stock Delinquent ** 
13:08 8/20/2010 MIGL MIGLE MISCOR Group, Ltd. Common Stock Delinquent ** 
13:08 8/20/2010 NHPR NHPRE National Health Partners, Inc. Common Stock Missing SAS Review ** 
13:08 8/20/2010 OOGI OOGIE Odyssey Oil & Energy, Inc. Common Stock Delinquent ** 
13:08 8/20/2010 PLGC PLGCE Playlogic Entertainment, Inc. Common Stock Delinquent ** 
13:08 8/20/2010 SCWB SCWBE Secure Window Blinds, Inc. Common Delinquent ** 
13:08 8/20/2010 SPHT SPHTE Secure Path Technology Holdings, Inc. Common Stock Delinquent ** 
Updated Date Old Symbol Old Name New Symbol New Name Comment
13:08 8/19/2010 AIRO Airspan Networks Inc. Common Stock AIROD Airspan Networks Inc. NEW Common Stock 1-20 R/S ** 
13:08 8/19/2010 TIAS Time Associates, Inc. Common Stock TIASD Time Associates, Inc. New Common Stock 1-70 R/S ** 
13:08 8/19/2010 USNLD U.S. National Telecom, Inc. New Common Stock USNL U.S. National Telecom, Inc. Common Stock ** 

  • All Security Symbols appended with an "E" will be ineligible for quotation and subject to removal from the OTCBB in 30 calendar days (60 days if denoted with a plus sign "+") if FINRA does not receive information indicating that the company is current in its public reporting obligations pursuant to Rule 6530.
  • ** indicates NSCC Eligible Security (National Securities Clearing Corporation)
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