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Other-OTC System Changes - 8/12/2002 12:00:00 AM

OTCBB Daily List
Other-OTC / Portal / PPS Daily List
OTCBB, Other-OTC and Portal Daily List
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date OATS
Unit of
13:45 CNCE** Conseco Inc 8/12/2002   From NYSE (CNC) 
13:45 CNCEM** Conseco Financing Trust V 8.70% TOPRS 8/12/2002   From NYSE (CNC$V) 
13:45 CNCEN** Conseco Financing Trust I 9.16% TOPRS 8/12/2002   From NYSE (CNC$T) 
13:45 CNCEO** Conseco Financing Trust VII 9.44% TOPRS 8/12/2002   From NYSE (CNC$H) 
13:45 CNCEP** Conseco Financing Trust VI 9% TOPRS 8/12/2002   From NYSE (CNC$G) 
13:45 POLJF Power Leisure Plc (Ireland) 8/12/2002    
13:45 ANFSV ANF Telecast Inc W/I 8/13/2002    
15:30 BTXBF Baytex Energy Ltd Cl B Non Vtg Shs (Canada) 8/13/2002    
13:45 CAWC** California Software Corporation 8/13/2002   From OTCBB (CAWC) 
15:30 CDCJV Comdisco Holding Company Inc Contingent Distribution Rights W/I 8/13/2002    
15:30 CDCOV Comdisco Holding Company Inc W/I 8/13/2002    
13:45 COXMO** Cox Communications Inc Income Prides due 8/16/2002 8/13/2002   From NYSE (COX$I) 
13:45 COXMP** Cox Communications Inc Growth Prides due 8/16/2002 8/13/2002   From NYSE (COX$G) 
13:45 ECPJO** El Paso CGP Company Income Prides due 8/16/2002 8/13/2002   From NYSE (CGP$I) 
13:45 ECPJP** El Paso CGP Company Growth Prides due 8/16/2002 8/13/2002   From NYSE (CGP$G) 
13:45 ETFC** Euro Trade & Forfaiting Inc 8/13/2002   From OTCBB (EFTC) 
13:45 FNCNV Franks Nursery & Crafts Inc New W/I 8/13/2002    
13:45 FUGLF Flugal Financial Service Ltd (Canada) 8/13/2002    
13:45 HJPCF Hanjin P&C Company Ltd (South Korea) 8/13/2002    
13:45 PRTWZ** Printware Inc w/due bills 8/13/2002   From OTCBB (PRTWZ) 
15:30 SHRQF Shaker Resources Inc (Canada) 8/13/2002    
15:30 TKWKF Tekwerks Solutions Inc (Canada) 8/13/2002    
13:45 TXUCO** TXU Corporation Income Prides due 8/16/2002 8/13/2002   From NYSE (TXU$I) 
13:45 TXUCP** TXU Corporation Growth Prides due 8/16/2002 8/13/2002   From NYSE (TXU$G) 
15:30 VDONF Vendin One Capital Corporation (Canada) 8/13/2002    
13:45 WAHCP** Washington Mutual Inc PIES due 8/16/2002 8/13/2002   From NYSE (XWM) 
15:30 XLPAF XL Capital Ltd Pfd Ord Shares Series A (Cayman Islands) 8/13/2002    
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date Unit of
13:45 NGAKF Ngai Hing Hong ORD 8/12/2002  Dupe of NGAHF (Revision to D/L of 8/9/2002) 
15:30 AMMBQ** Amresco Inc 8/13/2002  Bankruptcy Reorganization - plan became effective 8/6/2002 
13:45 AREMQ** AremisSoft Corporation 8/13/2002  12(j) Registration revoked by SEC 
13:45 BPTRW BrandPartners Group Inc Wt A 11/30/2006 8/13/2002  Listed OTCBB (BPTRW) 
13:45 BPTRZ BrandPartners Group Inc Wt B 11/30/2006 8/13/2002  Listed OTCBB (BPTRZ) 
13:45 FCXIF FCX International plc 8/13/2002  Acquired by XCF Investments Ltd (effective 8/7/2002) 
13:45 FFCI First Florida Communications Inc 8/13/2002  12(j) Registration revoked by SEC 
13:45 FOOD** Pierre Foods Inc 8/13/2002  Share Exchange with PF Management Inc ($2.50/sh) 
13:45 FRTRF Four Seas Travel 8/13/2002  Reorganization (See SGHAF) 
13:45 GSLFF Gold Shelf One Ltd 8/13/2002  Security No Longer Exists 
15:30 KOMGW** Komag Inc New Wt 5/7/2005 8/13/2002  Listed OTCBB (KOMGW) 
13:45 LYOGF** Liberty Oil & Gas Ltd 8/13/2002  Plan of Arrangement (1/sh LXGYF & 1 Lexxor Energy Warrant for every 18.1818 shs held) 
13:45 PEQQF** Patriot Equities Corporation 8/13/2002  Acquired by FSI Acquisition Corporation (cdn $4.2375/sh) 
13:45 SHCXF South China Strategic 8/13/2002  Security No Longer Exists 
13:45 WOOD Madera International Inc 8/13/2002  12(j) Registration revoked by SEC 
Updated Date Old Symbol Old Name New Symbol New Name Comment
13:45 8/13/2002 BOGPF** Boyd Group Inc (The) Cl A Sub Voting BOGPF Boyd Group Inc (The) Cl A Voting  
13:45 8/13/2002 BRMCF** Brian McGuigan Wines Ltd MGSWF McGuigan Simeon Wines Ltd  
13:45 8/13/2002 EFULF** Electrofuel Inc EFLVF Electrovaya Inc  
13:45 8/13/2002 ITOY** Virtual Games Inc MAOG Midamerica Oil & Gas Inc (1-200 R/S)  
15:30 8/13/2002 ITREF Ittieri Holding Spa AZ ITHAF IT Holding Spa AZ  
13:45 8/13/2002 PSNEF** Passion Media Inc SLCAF Silicon Application Corporation (See Note 1)  
13:45 8/13/2002 VTGE** Virtual Gaming Enterprises Inc VGME Virtual Gaming Enterprises Inc New (1-50 R/S)  

Portal System Changes 8/12/2002 12:00:00 AM
Updated Date Old Symbol Old Name New Symbol New Name Comment
15:30 8/13/2002 ITREY** Ittieri Holding Spa Spons ADR 144A ITHAY IT Holding Spa Spons ADR 144A  

Private Placement Security Changes 8/12/2002 12:00:00 AM
There are no entries for Private Placement Security issues.

  • ** indicates NSCC Eligible Security (National Securities Clearing Corporation)
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