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Other-OTC System Changes - 7/18/2006 12:00:00 AM

OTCBB Daily List
Other-OTC / Portal / PPS Daily List
OTCBB, Other-OTC and Portal Daily List
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date OATS
Unit of
00:00 CDXDV Cendant Corporation Common Stock Ex Distribution When Issued 7/18/2006    
15:39 AGIRF Agincourt Resources Ltd Ordinary Shares (Australia) 7/19/2006    
15:39 BJCAF Beijing Capital Co Ltd Shares -A- (China) 7/19/2006    
15:39 CSWYF China Shineway Pharmaceutical Group Limited Ordinary Shares (Cayman Islands) 7/19/2006    
15:39 CUCDF CSU Cardsystem Sa Shs Orig Cins (Brazil) 7/19/2006    
15:39 DWHFF Deutsche Wohnen AG Shares Zum Umtausch Angemeldete Namen Akt (Germany) 7/19/2006    
15:39 EGDBF Energias Do Brasil Sa Ordinary Shares (Brazil) 7/19/2006    
15:45 GFSPF Gefran Spa Provaglio D Iseo Bs Ordinary Shares (Italy) 7/19/2006    
15:39 GLVNF Gallant Venture Ltd Ordinary Shares (Singapore) 7/19/2006    
15:39 GSPUF G Steel Public Co Ltd Shares Foreign Registered (Thailand) 7/19/2006    
13:36 INEY INEI Corporation Common Stock 7/19/2006   From BB (INEY) ** 
13:36 KMKGF Kaminak Gold Corp Common Shares (Canada) 7/19/2006    
15:39 KOBNF Kobe Bussan Co Ltd Kako Ordinary Shares (Japan) 7/19/2006    
15:39 KYWRF Keyware Solutions Inc Tokyo Ordinary Shares (Japan) 7/19/2006    
15:39 NJCCF New Japan Chemical Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (Japan) 7/19/2006    
13:36 NWTB NewTech Brake Corp Common Stock 7/19/2006   From BB (NWTBE) ** 
15:45 PFTFF Perfect Technologis Shares Prov Regpt (France) 7/19/2006    
13:36 POCC Penn Octane Corporation Common Stock 7/19/2006   From Capital Market (POCC)** 
13:36 PSED Poseidis, Inc. Common Stock 7/19/2006   From BB (PSEDE) ** 
15:39 SCIPF Stats Chippac Ltd Ordinary Shares (Singapore) 7/19/2006    
15:39 SNISF Sanistal A/S Shares -B- (Denmark) 7/19/2006    
15:39 SRDIF Seardel Investment Corp Ltd Shares -N- (South Africa) 7/19/2006    
15:39 VKGEF Vakrangee Softwares Ltd Shares Dematerialised (India) 7/19/2006    
15:39 YNGPF Yueyang Paper Co Ltd Shares -A- (China) 7/19/2006    
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date Unit of
15:39 AUEYF Australian Energy Ltd Ordinary Shares (Australia) 7/19/2006  Acquisition ** 
15:39 AVDMF Ava Dem 50 Ord Ordinary Shares 7/19/2006  Acquisition 
15:39 BUAEY Buenos Aires Embottel Cl B American Depositary Shares 7/19/2006  Acquisition ** 
15:39 CHNCF Chorion plc Ordinary Shares 7/19/2006  Acquisition 
15:39 CPNZF Capital Properties New Zealand Limited Ordinary Shares 7/19/2006  Acquisition ** 
15:39 DNIA Denia Enterprises Inc. Common Stock 7/19/2006  Added to OTCBB (DNIA) 
15:39 ELTZ Elite Artz, Inc. Common Stock 7/19/2006  Added to OTCBB (ELTZ) ** 
15:39 GBAVF Global Active Ltd Ordinary Shares (Singapore) 7/19/2006  Acquisition ** 
15:39 GBLEF Global Enterprises (Kor) Ordinary Shares 7/19/2006  Inactive Security 
15:39 GCLNF Glocalnet Ordinary Shares 7/19/2006  Acquisition 
15:39 IMMEF Imm Multi-Enterprise Ltd Ordinary Shares 7/19/2006  Acquisition 
15:39 NLTMF National Telecoms Group Plc Ordinary Shares 7/19/2006  Acquisition 
13:36 OTOW O2 Secure Wireless, Inc. Common Stock 7/19/2006  Added to OTCBB (OTOW) ** 
15:39 PDKLF Pt Dankos Laboratories Ordinary Shares (Indonesia) 7/19/2006  Acquisition ** 
15:39 PFNAF Partridge Fine Art Plc Ord 10p Ordinary Shares 7/19/2006  Acquisition ** 
13:36 SONAF Sonae.Com Ordinary Shares 7/19/2006  Inactive Issue 
15:39 TOLEF T Online International Ag Ordinary Shares 7/19/2006  Acquisition ** 
13:36 TZVGF Tiszai Vegyi Kombinat Reg S Gd American Depositary Shares 7/19/2006  Inactive Security 
13:36 URMD UroMed Corporation Common Stock 7/19/2006  Added to OTCBB (URMD) ** 
15:39 WRNEF Wearnesss Intl Ordinary Shares 7/19/2006  Acquisition 
15:39 WTRWF Wolters Kluwer N V Ord Ordinary Shares 7/19/2006  Security No Longer Exists ** 
Updated Date Old Symbol New Symbol Name Comment
13:36 7/19/2006 RGLO RGLOF Regalito Copper Corp. Common Shares (Canada) ** 
Updated Date Old Symbol Old Name New Symbol New Name Comment
13:36 7/19/2006 GBXIF Global Cogenix Inds Cp Ordinary Shares HWPFF Highwater Power Corporation Ordinary Shares (Canada) 1-5 R/S ** 
13:36 7/19/2006 HPMH Hightowers Petroleum Holdings Ltd. Common Stock IGHL International Oil & Gas Holdings Corporation Common Stock ** 
15:39 7/19/2006 NUMNF Nustar Mining Corporation Ltd Ordinary Shares (Australia) IAUFF Intrepid Mines Limited Ordinary Shares (Australia) ** 
13:36 7/19/2006 TGNSF TURBO GENSET INC Ordinary Shares TPSSF Turbo Power Systems Inc Ordinary Shares (Canada) ** 
13:36 7/19/2006 TGPAF Technigen Corporation Ordinary Shares MMTH Mammoth Energy Group Inc Common Stock (NV) 1-100 R/S ** 
13:36 7/19/2006 VNGP Vision Energy Group, Inc. Common Stock VGYI Vision Energy Group, Inc. New Common Stock 2-1 F/S** 

Portal System Changes 7/18/2006 12:00:00 AM
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date Unit of
13:36 TZVKY Tiszai Vegyi Kombinat Reg S Gd 144A 7/19/2006  Inactive Security ** 

Private Placement Security Changes 7/18/2006 12:00:00 AM
There are no entries for Private Placement Security issues.

The Addition to NBB for Collectible Concepts Group Inc (CCGI), reported on the Daily List of 07/18/2006, with an Effective Date of 07/19/2006, has been cancelled. The issuer is compliant with NASD Rule 6530 and will remain on OTCBB under symbol CCGI.

  • ** indicates NSCC Eligible Security (National Securities Clearing Corporation)
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