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Other-OTC System Changes - 6/28/2007 12:00:00 AM

OTCBB Daily List
Other-OTC / Portal / PPS Daily List
OTCBB, Other-OTC and Portal Daily List
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date OATS
Unit of
13:49 OCENY Oce NV American Depositary Shares 6/29/2007   From G (OCENY)** 
16:00 PHOS Phosphate Holdings Inc Common shares 6/29/2007    
13:49 ZNGSF Zongshen Pem Pwr Sys Inc Ordinary Shares (Canada) 6/29/2007    
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date Unit of
13:49 AAUG American Assur Underwriter Grp Common Stock 6/29/2007  Inactive security 
13:49 AMCDF Amcorpgroup BHD Ordinary Shares (Malaysia) 6/29/2007  Acquisition ** 
15:04 AMPUF Amorepacific Corporation Ordinary Shares (South Korea) 6/29/2007  Reorganization. See ticker AMRWF. ** 
16:00 AZHDF Amazys Holding AG Ordinary Shares (Switzerland) 6/29/2007  Acquisition ** 
13:49 BLRTF Ballarat Goldfields Nl Ordinary Shares (Australia) 6/29/2007  Acquisition ** 
13:49 BTCNF Beltecno Corp Jpy Ords Ordinary Shares 6/29/2007  Acquisition ** 
16:00 BUBLF Bluebull Ag St Gallen Ordinary Shares 6/29/2007  Inactive security ** 
13:49 CCFA Cons Capital Corp Florida Common Stock 6/29/2007  Inactive security ** 
16:00 CHHBF Carthago Biotech Ag Bremen Ordinary Shares (Germany) 6/29/2007  Inactive security ** 
13:49 CMNJF Crediton Minerals plc Ordinary Shares 6/29/2007  Reorganization. See ticker TGRRF. 
13:49 CRRE Creative Res Inc Common Stock 6/29/2007  Inactive security ** 
16:00 DPSPF Deep Sea Supply Asa Ordinary Shares (Norway) 6/29/2007  Acquisition ** 
13:49 DSSYY Dassault Systemes, S.A. Sponsored ADR Partial Div Shs 2007 (France) 6/29/2007  Exchanged for 1 share of DASTY ** 
16:00 EBROF Ebro Agricolas Co De Ali Esp Ordinary Shares 6/29/2007  Reorganization. See ticker EBRPF. 
16:00 ELORF Elior Paris Ordinary Shares 6/29/2007  Acquisition 
13:49 EMHGF European Motor Holdings plc Shs 6/29/2007  Acquisition ** 
16:00 FRONF Fireone Group plc Dublin Ordinary Shares (Ireland) 6/29/2007  Acquisition ** 
13:49 FSABF Faes Farma SA Bilbao Ordinary Shares (Spain) 6/29/2007  Reorganization. See ticker FSXMF. ** 
13:49 FUTQF Futurtek Communications Inc Ordinary Shares 6/29/2007  Inactive security 
16:00 HMNRF Hardman Resources Fgn Ordinary Shares 6/29/2007  Acquisition ** 
16:00 HUNPF Huntleigh Tech Plc Ord Ordinary Shares 6/29/2007  Acquisition ** 
16:00 IDNGF Ind Group Plc Ordinary Shares 6/29/2007  Acquisition 
13:49 ITON Innotron Diagnostics Common Stock 6/29/2007  Inactive security 
16:00 IUSI Infrablue (US) Inc. Common Stock 6/29/2007  Added to OTCBB (IUSI) ** 
13:49 JPCLF Japan Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (Japan) 6/29/2007  Acquisition 
13:49 LYXRF Lyxor International Asset Mgmt CAC 40 Master Unit ETF parts 6/29/2007  Reorganization. See ticker LYXMF. ** 
16:20 MLLFF Millfield Group Plc Ordinary Shares 6/29/2007  Inactive security 
16:20 NSFFF Nissan France Sa A Shs Ordinary Shares 6/29/2007  Acquisition 
16:20 PNIXF Phoenix A G (F) Ordinary Shares 6/29/2007  Inactive security 
16:20 PRTDF Protec Data Ab Ordinary Shares 6/29/2007  Acquisition ** 
13:49 RTYSF Security Capital U.S. Realty Sicaf Luxembourg Reg Shs A Ordinary Shares 6/29/2007  Acquisition ** 
13:49 RYTE Royaltech Corp. Common Stock 6/29/2007  Added to OTCBB (RYTE)** 
13:49 SDHLF Sedimentary Holdings Ltd Ord Ordinary Shares 6/29/2007  Acquisition ** 
13:49 SLTYF STB Leasing Co Ltd Tokyo Ordinary Shs (Japan) 6/29/2007  Acquisition ** 
16:00 SRNGF Schering A G Ordinary Shares 6/29/2007  Reorganization. See ticker BYERF. ** 
13:49 TEREF Teamsphere Ltd Par 0.05 Ordinary Shares 6/29/2007  Reorganization. See ticker DLHLF. 
15:04 TRTUF Triton Resources Ltd Ordinary Shares 6/29/2007  Reorganization. See ticker CPPWF. 
13:49 TTDVF Tan And Tan Development Bhd Ordinary Shares 6/29/2007  Reorganization. See ticker GOHDF. ** 
13:49 TXAR Texas American Res Inc (New) Common Stock 6/29/2007  Inactive security 
17:42 UEWAF UE Waterheater Income Fd Fd Unit (Canada) 6/29/2007  Acquisition ** 
13:49 VTRYF Victory Corporation Plc Ordinary Shares 6/29/2007  Acquisition ** 
13:49 WTEPF Westar Mng Ltd Pfd 1$2.5625 Ordinary Shares 6/29/2007  Inactive security ** 
13:49 WVWCQ Wave Wireless Corporation Common Stock 6/29/2007  Plan of Bankruptcy effective 6/28/2007** 
13:49 XXPQA Family Grp Broadcasting Dep Ut Limited Partnership 6/29/2007  Inactive security 
13:49 YYEEX Public Storage Properties 01 Limited Partnership 6/29/2007  Inactive security 
Updated Date Old Symbol Old Name New Symbol New Name Comment
13:49 6/29/2007 CNWB China Northwest Biotech, Corp. Common Stock LGMI LGM Biopharma, Inc. Common Stock 1-50 R/S ** 
13:49 6/29/2007 DCPI Digital Color Print, Inc. Common Stock BLLB Bell Buckle Holdings, Inc. Common Stock 1-100 R/S ** 
13:49 6/29/2007 EJYM Enjoy Media Holdings Ltd Common Stock (CA) SQIN Square Inn Budget Hotels Management, Inc. Common Stock (CA) ** 
17:42 6/29/2007 IGAGF iGaming Corporation Ordinary Shares (Canada) BSMCF Big Stick Media Corporation Ordinary Shares (Canada) ** 
13:49 6/29/2007 KHICF Korea Heavy Industries & Constructiion Company, Ltd. (South Korea) Ordinary Shares DOHIF Doosan Heavy Industries & Constructiion Company, Ltd. (South Korea) Ordinary Shares ** 
16:00 6/29/2007 LSTPF Lam Soon Thailand Public Company Limited Ordinary Shares (Thailand) LSTPF Lam Soon Thailand Public Company Limited Shares Foreign Registered (Thailand) ** 
16:20 6/29/2007 RCAB Recab International, Inc. Common Stock SAHN Saudi American Holdings, Corp. Common Stock 1-1000 R/S ** 
16:00 6/29/2007 RVTG Riverside Technologies Inc Common Stock RVTG Riverside Information Technologies Inc Common Stock Correction to name only. ** 

Portal System Changes 6/28/2007 12:00:00 AM
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date OATS
Unit of
13:50 BPFHL Boston Private Financial Holdings, Inc. Common 144A 6/29/2007    
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date Unit of
16:02 HFNTY Highland Financial Trust 144A Common Stock 6/29/2007  Corporate Reorganization (See HIGHL) 
13:50 MSIQY Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co. 144A PERQS Mandatorily Exch Nabi Pharmaceuticals 6/29/2007  Expired Security 

Private Placement Security Changes 6/28/2007 12:00:00 AM
There are no entries for Private Placement Security issues.

The deletion from NBB for CPPWF/CPPWF, reported on the Daily List of 06/28/2007, with an Effective Date of 06/29/2007, has been cancelled.

  • ** indicates NSCC Eligible Security (National Securities Clearing Corporation)
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