October 25, 2014
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OTCBB and Other-OTC System Changes - 6/27/2011 12:00:00 AM

OTCBB Daily List
Other-OTC / Portal / PPS Daily List
OTCBB, Other-OTC and Portal Daily List
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date OATS
Unit of
07:55 DOLVE Dolat Ventures, Inc. Common Stock 6/27/2011 100 From BB (DOLVE) 
16:39 BLTF Billet Finder Inc. Common 6/28/2011 100 ** 
16:39 DGRN Degaro Innovations Corp. Common 6/28/2011 100 ** 
13:13 DGTE Desert Gateway, Inc. Common Stock 6/28/2011 100 From NBB (DGTE) 
16:39 HTHH Health in Harmony Inc. Common 6/28/2011 100 ** 
16:39 NWDHU Newhall Holding Company LLC UNIT CL A 6/28/2011 100 ** 
16:39 NWDUU Newhall Holding Company LLC UNIT 6/28/2011 100 ** 
16:39 NWHDU Newhall Holding Company LLC UNIT CL B 6/28/2011 100 ** 
16:39 NYBH New Young Broadcasting Holding Co., Inc. CL B 6/28/2011 100 ** 
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date Unit of
08:54 CSNY City Network, Inc. Common Stock 6/27/2011 100 12(j) Registration Revoked by SEC** 
07:55 DOLVE Dolat Ventures, Inc. Common Stock 6/27/2011 100 Ineligible for quotation on OTCBB due to quoting inactivity under SEC Rule 15c2-11 
10:32 WLVTQ Wolverine Tube, Inc. Common Stock 6/27/2011 100 The issue was removed in error. It has been reinstated. 
13:13 DGTE Desert Gateway, Inc. Common Stock 6/28/2011 100 Added to OTCBB** 
16:39 GNRJY Gener S.A. Spons ADR American Depositary Shares 6/28/2011 100 Inactive** 
16:39 IGOLF Intergold Ltd Cl A Fgn Ordinary Shares 6/28/2011 100 Acquired by Visant Holding, Corp. ($0.16 per share). ** 
16:39 SFKT State of Franklin Bancshares, Inc. (TN) Common Stock 6/28/2011 100 Acquired by Jeffersons Bancshares for consideration of either USD 10.00 in cash or 1.1287 shares of Jefferson Bancshares common stock or in combination of cash and shares. ** 
13:13 ZLKKF Zarlink Semiconductor Inc Preferred Series R & D (Canada) 6/28/2011 100 Called for Redemption** 
Updated Date Old Symbol New Symbol Name Comment
13:13 6/28/2011 ASIT RHSC Robertson Global Health Solutions Corporation Common Stock ** 
16:39 6/28/2011 BDLSQ BDLS Boundless Corporation Common Stock Emerged from Bankruptcy ** 
13:13 6/28/2011 DOLVE DOLV Dolat Ventures, Inc. Common Stock ** 
16:40 6/28/2011 TDLP TDLPQ Transdel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Common Stock Bankruptcy Filed ** 
Updated Date Old Symbol Old Name New Symbol New Name Comment
13:13 6/28/2011 BITLF Broad Intelligence International Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd Ordinary Shares (Cayman Islands) BITLF Anxin-China Holdings Ltd. Ordinary Shares (Cayman Islands) ** 
16:39 6/28/2011 DLKNF Delek Oil Exploration Ltd Ordinary Shares (Israel) DLKNF Delek Energi Systems Ltd. Ordinary Shares (Israel) ** 
13:13 6/28/2011 GCHOY Grupo Nacional De Chocolates SA Sponsored ADR (Columbia) GCHOY Grupo Nutresa SA Sponsored American Depository Receipt (Columbia) ** 
13:13 6/28/2011 HANO Han Logistics, Inc. Common Stock HANOD Han Logistics, Inc. NEW Common Stock 5-1 F/S payable upon surrender of old certificates ** 
13:13 6/28/2011 QMKRD Incumaker, Inc. NEW Common Stock QMKR Incumaker, Inc. Common Stock ** 
13:13 6/28/2011 RSME Resume In Minutes, Inc. Common Stock MEDL MEDL Mobile Holdings, Inc. Common Stock ** 
16:39 6/28/2011 SVLKF Pacific Potash Corp. Ordinary Shares (Australia) SVLKF Silver Lake Resources Ltd. Ordinary Shares (Australia) Refer to 6/24/2011 DL; Security name changed in error** 
13:13 6/28/2011 TAECD Todays Alternative Energy Corp. NEW Common Stock TAEC Todays Alternative Energy Corp. Common Stock ** 
13:13 6/28/2011 TNIXD Telanetix, Inc. NEW Common Stock TNIX Telanetix, Inc. Common Stock ** 
13:13 6/28/2011 UWRL US Wireless Online, Inc. Common Stock UWRLD US Wireless Online, Inc. (NEW) Common Stock 1-500 R/S ** 
13:13 6/28/2011 WKLID WikiLoan Inc. NEW Common Stock WKLI WikiLoan Inc. Common Stock ** 

Portal System Changes 6/27/2011 12:00:00 AM
There are no entries for Portal issues.

Private Placement Security Changes 6/27/2011 12:00:00 AM
There are no entries for Private Placement Security issues.


  • All Security Symbols appended with an "E" will be ineligible for quotation and subject to removal from the OTCBB in 30 calendar days (60 days if denoted with a plus sign "+") if FINRA does not receive information indicating that the company is current in its public reporting obligations pursuant to Rule 6530.
  • ** indicates NSCC Eligible Security (National Securities Clearing Corporation)
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