October 24, 2014
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OTCBB and Other-OTC System Changes - 6/10/2011 12:00:00 AM

OTCBB Daily List
Other-OTC / Portal / PPS Daily List
OTCBB, Other-OTC and Portal Daily List
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date OATS
Unit of
13:02 BDCO Blue Dolphin Energy Company Common Stock 6/13/2011 100 From S (BDCO) 
16:33 BMBHF BIMB Holdings, BHD Ordinary Shares (Malaysia) 6/13/2011 100 ** 
16:33 EXTSF Exploration Aurtois, Inc. Ordinary Shares (Canada) 6/13/2011 100 ** 
13:22 FCFL First Community Bank Corporation of America 6/13/2011 100 From S (FCFL) 
16:33 HLFDF Halfords Group Plc Redditch Worcestershire Ordinary Shares (United Kingdom) 6/13/2011 100 ** 
13:02 RSRS Regency Resources Inc. Common 6/13/2011 100 From NBB (RSRS)** 
16:33 SDCEF Second Chance Properties, Ltd. Ordinary Shares (Singapore) 6/13/2011 100  
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date Unit of
09:12 DVRH Diverse Holdings Corp Common Stock 6/10/2011 100 12(j) Registration Revoked by SEC** 
13:02 ESORF Espec Corp Ordinary Shares (Japan) 6/13/2011 100 Inactive Security** 
13:02 FHDG First Farmers Bank Holding Company CDT-Shs 6/13/2011 100 Inactive Security** 
13:02 GLBVF Global Voice Group Ltd Ordinary Shares (Singapore) 6/13/2011 100 Inactive Security** 
13:02 GLPC Global Uranium Power Corp. Common Stock 6/13/2011 100 Inactive Security** 
13:02 JMIVF JP Morgan Indian Investment Trust plc Wts on Shs JPM Indian Investment Trust plc Exp. 01/02/2014 (U.K.) 6/13/2011 100 Inactive Security** 
13:02 NBIAF Nobia AB Ordinary Shares (Sweden) 6/13/2011 100 Inactive Security** 
16:33 NPBP North Penn Bancorp, Inc. (PA) (New) Common Stock 6/13/2011 100 NPBP acquired by Norwood Financial Corp. Common stock of NPBP will be converted into and represent the right to receive 0.6829 shares of Norwood Common Stock or $19.12 in cash, without interest. ** 
13:02 RSRS Regency Resources Inc. Common 6/13/2011 100 Added to OTCBB** 
13:02 SESKF Serm Suk Pub Co Ltd Fgn Ordinary Shares 6/13/2011 100 Inactive Security** 
13:02 TSGMF Tsugami Corp Ordinary Shares 6/13/2011 100 Inactive Security** 
Updated Date Old Symbol Old Name New Symbol New Name Comment
13:02 6/13/2011 DYRFF Dynamic Resources Corp Ordinary Shares (Canada) DYRFD Dunes Exploration Ltd. Ordinary Shares (Canada) 1-40 R/S ** 
16:33 6/13/2011 EMBVF Embotelladoras Arca Sa De Cv Embotelladoras Arca Sa De Cv Mexico EMBVF Arca Continental SAB de CV Ordinary Shares (Mexico) ** 
16:33 6/13/2011 FSHYF Fushan International Energy Group Ltd Ordinary Shares (Hong Kong) FSHYF Shougang Fushan Resources Group Ltd Ordinary Shares (Hong Kong) ** 
13:02 6/13/2011 KTCH Kitcher Resources, Inc. Common Stock KTCHD Kitcher Resources, Inc. New Common Stock 1-40 R/S 
16:33 6/13/2011 OPAFF Opal Energy Corp Ordinary Shares (Canada) OPAFD Opal Energy Corp Ordinary Shares (Canada) 1-50 R/S** 
13:32 6/13/2011 ORXE Ore Pharmaceutical Holdings Inc. Common Stock ORXED Ore Holdings Inc. NEW Common Stock 1-10,000 R/S immediately followed by 10,000-1 F/S; Whereby Transfer Agent shall aggregate all such fractional shares and sell them as soon as practicable at the then prevailing prices on the open market, on behalf of those stockholders who would otherwise be entitled to receive a fractional share. After the Transfer Agenta??s completion of such sale, stockholders shall receive a cash payment from the transfer agent in an amount equal to their respective pro rate shares of the total net proceeds of that sale. ** 
14:02 6/13/2011 PNHV Piranha Ventures, Inc. Common Stock PNHVD Piranha Ventures, Inc. NEW Common Stock 1-10 R/S; No Shareholder to be reversed below 100 shares ** 
13:02 6/13/2011 SCLW Socialwise, Inc. Common Stock BMPI BillMyParents, Inc. Common Stock ** 
16:33 6/13/2011 SRGYF Sonnenergy Corp. Ordinary Shares (Canada) SRGYF SonnenEnergy Corp. Ordinary Shares (Canada) ** 
13:02 6/13/2011 SWRF Swordfish Financial, Inc. Common Stock SWRFD Swordfish Financial, Inc. Common Stock 10-1 F/S payable upon surrender ** 
16:33 6/13/2011 UPZSD Unique Pizza and Subs Corporation NEW Common Stock UPZS Unique Pizza and Subs Corporation Common Stock ** 
13:02 6/13/2011 VTDI BlackBox SemiConductor, Inc. NEW Common Stock VTDID BlackBox SemiConductor, Inc. NEW Common Stock 20-1 F/S payable upon surrender ** 

Portal System Changes 6/10/2011 12:00:00 AM
There are no entries for Portal issues.

Private Placement Security Changes 6/10/2011 12:00:00 AM
There are no entries for Private Placement Security issues.

The Name Change from Ore Pharmaceutical Holdings Inc. Common Stock to Ore Pharmaceutical Holdings Inc. NEW Common Stock, reported on the Daily List of 06/10/2011, with an Effective Date of 06/13/2011 , has been re-announced. New Name is Ore Holdings, Inc. See revised announcement.

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  • ** indicates NSCC Eligible Security (National Securities Clearing Corporation)
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