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Other-OTC System Changes - 6/9/2006 12:00:00 AM

OTCBB Daily List
Other-OTC / Portal / PPS Daily List
OTCBB, Other-OTC and Portal Daily List
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date OATS
Unit of
09:05 ENCZ Enesco Group, Inc. Common Stock 6/9/2006   Rescinded; ENC will continue to trade on NYSE until further notice. 
16:09 ACPYF Abacus Property Group Stapled Security (Australia) 6/12/2006    
16:09 AEGOF Aegon NV Ordinary Shares (Netherlands) 6/12/2006    
16:09 AHIUF Asahi Industries Co Ltd Tokyo Ordinary Shares (Japan) 6/12/2006    
13:30 ATIOF Actelios Spa Milano Ordinary Shares (Italy) 6/12/2006    
13:30 AXASF Altinex Asa Ordinary Shares (Norway) 6/12/2006    
16:09 AXMP AXM Pharma, Inc. Common Stock 6/12/2006   From AMEX (AXJ) 
13:30 AXTLF Axtel S A De C V Cert Part Ord repr 7 Shs -B- (Mexico) 6/12/2006    
13:30 BJRGF Bjoerge Gruppen Asa Ordinary Shares (Norway) 6/12/2006    
13:30 CDAEF C Media Electronics Inc Ordinary Shares (Taiwan) 6/12/2006    
16:09 CTUIF Comat Industrial Ltd Ordinary Shares (Singapore) 6/12/2006    
16:09 DADOF Daido Group Ltd Ordinary Shares (Bermuda) 6/12/2006    
13:30 DNLCF Danal Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (South Korea) 6/12/2006    
13:30 DOMVF Dogus Otomotiv Servis Ve Tic Ordinary Shares (Turkey) 6/12/2006    
13:30 DTTO Detto Technologies, Inc. Common Stock 6/12/2006   From BB (DTTOE) ** 
16:09 DYNBF Dyno Nobel Ltd Ordinary Shares (Australia) 6/12/2006    
16:09 ECNTF Era Constructions India Ltd Shares Dematerialised (India) 6/12/2006    
13:30 EGFCF Eco Green Fine Chemicals Group Limited Ordinary Shares (Cayman Islands) 6/12/2006    
16:09 ELCC Electric City Corporation Common Stock 6/12/2006   From AMEX (ELC) 
16:55 ENCZ Enesco Group, Inc. Common Stock 6/12/2006   From NYSE (ENC) 
13:30 EPXR Epixtar Corporation Common Stock 6/12/2006   From BB (EPXRE) ** 
13:30 ERPCF Erp.com Holdings Ltd Ordinary Shares (South Africa) 6/12/2006    
16:09 FRHNF Forthnet Sa Reg Shares (Greece) 6/12/2006    
13:30 GTJLF Gitanjali Gems Ltd Shares Dematerialised (India) 6/12/2006    
13:30 HHACF Hae In Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (South Korea) 6/12/2006    
13:30 HKWHF Hirakawa Hewtech Corp Tokyo Ordinary Shares (Japan) 6/12/2006    
13:30 HVBDF Heveaboard Bhd Ordinary Shares (Malaysia) 6/12/2006    
13:30 ICFCF I Cf Inc Tokyo Ordinary Shares (Japan) 6/12/2006    
13:30 KNGEF Keang Nam Enterprises Co Ltd Ordinary Shares 6/12/2006    
16:09 LZDLF Luz Del Sur Sa Shares -Comun- (Peru) 6/12/2006    
13:30 MBVH Miss Beverly Hills Inc Common Stock 6/12/2006    
13:30 MGHHF Ming Hing Holdings Limited Ordinary Shares (Cayman Islands) 6/12/2006    
13:30 MNTHF Minth Group Ltd Ordinary Shares (Cayman Islands) 6/12/2006    
16:09 MONWF Modetour Network Inc Ordinary Shares (South Korea) 6/12/2006    
16:09 MQMDF Macquarie Media Group Trip[led Stapled Securities Partly Paid (Australia) 6/12/2006    
13:30 MRZGF Marazzi Gruppo Ceramiche Spa Ordinary Shares (Italy) 6/12/2006    
13:30 PAGUF Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche Spa Ordinary Shares (Italy) 6/12/2006    
16:09 PCGUF PCH Group Limited Ordinary Shares (Australia) 6/12/2006    
16:09 PMUHF Pt Multistrada Arah Sarana Tbk Ordinary Shares (Indonesia) 6/12/2006    
13:30 POJKF Petrojack As Ordinary Shares (Norway) 6/12/2006    
13:30 RSNAF Rusina Mining Nl Ordinary Shares (Australia) 6/12/2006    
13:30 RVTI Rival Technologies, Inc. Common Stock (NV) 6/12/2006   From BB (RVTIE) ** 
13:30 SBUBF Shining Building Business Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (Taiwan) 6/12/2006    
13:30 SOIDF South India Corporation Agencies Ltd Shares Dematerialised (India) 6/12/2006    
16:09 TBYTF Tutt Bryant Group Ltd Ordinary Shares (Australia) 6/12/2006    
13:30 TCSLF Tantia Constructions Ltd Shares Dematerialised (India) 6/12/2006    
16:09 TKKXF Tokyokoki Seizosho Ltd Ordinary Shares (Japan) 6/12/2006    
16:09 TOHOF Toho System Science Co Ltd Tokyo Ordinary Shares (Japan) 6/12/2006    
13:30 TPTGF Topotarget A/S Copenhagen Ordinary Shares (Denmark) 6/12/2006    
13:30 UTRUF Unal Tarim Urunleri Ihracat ve Sanayi Anonim Sirketi Ordinary Shares (Turkey) 6/12/2006    
13:30 VBVRF Vib Vermoegen Ag Ordinary Shares (Germany) 6/12/2006    
13:30 VRXCF Vertex Communications & Technology Group Ltd Ordinary Shares (Cayman Islands) 6/12/2006    
13:30 WFRWF Wafer Works Corp Ordinary Shares (Taiwan) 6/12/2006    
Updated Symbol Company Name OATS
Unit of
16:09 ELCC Electric City Corporation Common Stock   
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date Unit of
16:09 AALHF Asia Aluminum Holdings, Ltd. Ordinary Shares (Bermuda) HKD 6/12/2006  Acquisition ** 
16:09 AEGVF Aegon N V Ordinary Shares 6/12/2006  Reorganization ** 
13:30 ALLTA Alliance Tire & Rubber Ltd Class A Common Stock 6/12/2006  Inactive Issue ** 
13:30 AMKNF Amskan Ltd Ordinary Shares 6/12/2006  Inactive Security 
13:30 APIIM Action Products International, Inc. Warrant 6/9/2006 6/12/2006  Expired Security ** 
13:30 APVPF A P V Plc Ord 10p Ordinary Shares 6/12/2006  Inactive Security ** 
13:30 ATRBF Alliance Tire & Rubber Co Ltd Ordinary Shares 6/12/2006  Inactive Issue 
16:09 BANZF Banca Antonveneta SCARL AZ 6/12/2006  Acquisition ** 
13:30 BEDNF Business ET Decision ACT (France) 6/12/2006  Inactive Security ** 
13:30 BSGPF Benson Group Plc Ordinary Shares 6/12/2006  Inactive Security 
13:30 BSKGF Bradstock Group Plc 5p Ord Ordinary Shares 6/12/2006  Inactive Security 
13:30 CCMMP Computer Communications Inc Unclassified 6/12/2006  Inactive Security 
16:09 CGAZF BSKH Plc asas Rights Representing Shs (UK) 6/12/2006  Inactive Security 
16:09 CILGF Ci Technologies Group Ltd Ordinary Shares 6/12/2006  Acquisition 
16:09 CLMCF Collins Motor Corp Ord Ordinary Shares 6/12/2006  Inactive Security ** 
13:30 CUREQ Curative Health Services, Inc. Common Stock 6/12/2006  Bankruptcy effective 6/7/2006** 
13:30 DBHLF Danubius Hotel Ordinary Shares 6/12/2006  Inactive Security 
13:30 DCOLF Dickson Concepts Intl Ltd Hk.3 Ordinary Shares 6/12/2006  Inactive Security 
13:30 EBRSF Electro Banque Reg Shs Ordinary Shares 6/12/2006  Inactive Security 
16:55 FNID FNF Industries, Inc. Common Stock 6/12/2006  Acquired by FNF Construction ($0.40/sh) 
16:09 FTTKF First Technology Plc Ord Ordinary Shares 6/12/2006  Acquisition ** 
13:30 HENCF Home Entertainment Corporation plc Shs 6/12/2006  Inactive Security ** 
13:30 IBCL International BioChemical Industries, Inc. Common Stock 6/12/2006  12(j) Registration Revoked by SEC ** 
16:09 IMPM Impact Telemedia Inc Common Stock 6/12/2006  Inactive Issue 
16:09 IVGPF Investor Group Ltd Ordinary Shares 6/12/2006  Inactive Security 
13:30 IWAGF Intraware AG AKT 6/12/2006  Inactive Security ** 
16:09 LVRAF Lavora Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (South Korea) 6/12/2006  Inactive Security ** 
16:09 MFODF Minor Food Group plc (The) Foreign Registered Shares (Thailand) 6/12/2006  Acquisition 
16:09 MFOOF Minor Food Group plc (The) Ordinary Shares (Thailand) 6/12/2006  Acquisition 
16:09 MGNDF Magnus Holdings Nv Nlg0.25 Ordinary Shares 6/12/2006  Inactive Security 
16:09 MGWPF Megaworld Prop & Hldg Pp 1 Par Ordinary Shares 6/12/2006  Inactive Security  
16:09 SRGMF Stargames Ltd Ordinary Shares 6/12/2006  Acquisition ** 
13:30 TASRU TASER International, Inc. Units 6/12/2006  Expired Security ** 
16:09 TYCFF Tethyan Copper Company Ltd Ordinary Shares (Australia) 6/12/2006  Acquisition ** 
16:09 UNLOF Unilever NV Unilever NV 6% Pfd 6/12/2006  Inactive Security 
13:30 WWMIF World Wide Minerals Ltd Ordinary Shares 6/12/2006  Inactive Issue ** 
Updated Date Old Symbol Old Name New Symbol New Name Comment
13:30 6/12/2006 AONE Access Developers Inc Common Stock RYAV Royal Alliance Ventures Corp. Common Stock 1-1000 R/S ** 
13:30 6/12/2006 CCMM Computer Communications Inc Common Stock TSSP Trendsetter Solar Products, Inc. Common Stock 1-1000 R/S ** 
13:30 6/12/2006 ECGM E-Commerce Group, Inc. Common Stock YZBG Yizhong Bioengineering (USA), Inc. Common Stock 1-100 R/S ** 
13:30 6/12/2006 HHHE H H H Entertainment Inc Common Stock ADMD Advanced Medical Isotope Corp. Common Stock **  
13:30 6/12/2006 JMUS JumpMusic.com, Inc. Common Stock PSPM Purespectrum Inc Common Stock 1-1000 R/S ** 
13:30 6/12/2006 MULI Multicast Interactive Corp Common Stock ZGMC Zenith Gold Mining Company Common Stock 1-1000 R/S ** 
16:09 6/12/2006 RXIHF Rexcapital International Holdings, Ltd. Ordinary Shares (Bermuda) HKD CSEHF China Solar Energy Holdings Ltd Ordinary Shares (Bermuda) HKD  
13:30 6/12/2006 WFIW Wifi Wireless Inc Common Stock WFWL Wifi Wireless, Inc. New Common Stock 1-10 R/S ** 
13:30 6/12/2006 WHKY World Hockey Association Corp. Common Stock WHKA World Hockey Association Corp. New Common Stock 1-100 R/S ** 
13:30 6/12/2006 ZTHI Zenith International Inc Common Stock NXSN Nextech Solutions, Inc. Common Stock ** 

Portal System Changes 6/9/2006 12:00:00 AM
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date OATS
Unit of
16:09 DPTHL DataPath, Inc. 144A Common Stock 6/12/2006    
16:09 JPTJW J. P. Morgan International Derivatives Ltd. 144A Chinese Low Exercise Price Warrant 3C7 China Petroleum & Chemical 06/23/2009 (Jersey) 6/12/2006    
16:09 UBEUW UBS AG LONDON BRH 144A Low Exercise Call Warrant Linked to Underlying Shares 06/07/2007 (GB) 6/12/2006    

Private Placement Security Changes 6/9/2006 12:00:00 AM
There are no entries for Private Placement Security issues.

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