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Other-OTC System Changes - 3/24/2004 12:00:00 AM

OTCBB Daily List
Other-OTC / Portal / PPS Daily List
OTCBB, Other-OTC and Portal Daily List
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date OATS
Unit of
08:30 SPPTQ Southern Pacific Petroleum N.L American Depositary Receipts 3/24/2004   From SCM (SPPTY) ** 
13:50 CCEUF Chonburi Concrete Product Public Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (Thailand) 3/25/2004    
13:50 CCOCF Coretronic Corporation Ordinary Shares (Taiwan) 3/25/2004    
13:50 CDEFF Credito Emiliano Spa Credem Reggio Emilia AZ Shares (Italy) 3/25/2004    
13:50 CHOTF Comsys Holdings Corp Tokyo Ordinary Shares (Japan) 3/25/2004    
13:50 CIHGF China Sci Tech Holdings Ltd Ordinary Shares (Cayman Islands) 3/25/2004    
13:50 COIVF Cosco Investment Singapore Ltd Ordinary Shares (Singapore) 3/25/2004    
13:50 CSKOF China Enterprise Stock Co Ltd Shares A (China) 3/25/2004    
13:50 CTKOF Career Technology Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (Taiwan) 3/25/2004    
13:50 CUIIF Curitel Communication Inc Ordinary Shares (South Korea) 3/25/2004    
13:50 DATC Datatec Systems, Inc. Common Stock 3/25/2004   From SCM (DATCE) ** 
16:15 FLTG Filtering Associates, Inc. Common Stock 3/25/2004    
16:15 IILFF ING Industrial Fund Units (Austrailia) 3/25/2004    
13:50 LBSBF London Biscuits Bhd Ordinary Shares (Malaysia) 3/25/2004    
13:50 LFODF Lightron Fiber Optic Devices Inc Ordinary Shares (South Korea) 3/25/2004    
13:50 LMCBF Lafarge Malayan Cement Bhd Ordinary Shares (Malaysia) 3/25/2004    
13:50 MHSBF MAA Holdings Bhd Ordinary Shares (Malaysia) 3/25/2004    
13:50 MTJAF Mitrajaya Holdings Bhd Ordinary Shares (Malaysia) 3/25/2004    
13:50 MVCLF Mtek Vision Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (South Korea) 3/25/2004    
13:50 NCDRF Naim Cendera Holdings Bhd Ordinary Shares (Malaysia) 3/25/2004    
13:50 NEYVF Neyveli Lignite Corporation Ltd Shares Dematerialised (India) 3/25/2004    
13:50 NGBOF Ningbo Bird Co Ltd Shares A (China) 3/25/2004    
13:50 NNKGF Nankang Rubber Tire Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (Taiwan) 3/25/2004    
13:50 PBDTF Pt BBL Dharmala Finance Tbk Ordinary Shares (Indonesia) 3/25/2004    
13:50 PBEIF Pt Bentoel International Investama Tbk Ordinary Shares (Indonesia) 3/25/2004    
13:50 PBITF Pt BFI Finance Indonesia Tbk Ordinary Shares (Indonesia) 3/25/2004    
13:50 PCFJF Pt Clipan Finance Indonesia Tbk Ordinary Shares (Indonesia) 3/25/2004    
13:50 PEOKF People and Technology Inc Ordinary Shares (South Korea) 3/25/2004    
14:30 PFAE Pacific Aerospace & Electronics, Inc. Common Stock 3/25/2004   From BB (PFAE) ** 
13:50 PGBHF PPB Group Bhd Ordinary Shares (Malaysia) 3/25/2004    
13:50 PNGSF Poong San Corp Ordinary Shares (South Korea) 3/25/2004    
13:50 PTIUF Pt Trimegah Securities Tbk Ordinary Shares (Indonesia) 3/25/2004    
13:50 RCNSF Rhythm Consolidated Bhd Ordinary Shares (Malaysia) 3/25/2004    
13:50 RHTKF Richtek Technology Corp Ordinary Shares (Taiwan) 3/25/2004    
13:50 SAEOF Sanden Corp Ordinary Shares (Japan) 3/25/2004    
13:50 SAOGF Seria Co Ltd Ogaki Ordinary Shares (Japan) 3/25/2004    
13:50 SNHWF Sanghwa Micro Technology Inc Ordinary Shares (South Korea) 3/25/2004    
13:50 SYEEF Systematic Education Group Bhd Ordinary Shares (Malaysia) 3/25/2004    
13:50 SYELF Sam Young Electronics Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (South Korea) 3/25/2004    
13:50 TAASF Tanah Emas Corporation Bhd Ordinary Shares (Malaysia) 3/25/2004    
13:50 TPEEF TPI Polene Public Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (Thailand) 3/25/2004    
13:50 TRLFF Trent Ltd Shares Dematerialised (India) 3/25/2004    
13:50 TTHEF Tsingtao Hai Er Refrigerator Co Ltd Shares A (China) 3/25/2004    
13:50 USMBF Unisem M Bhd Ordinary Shares (Malaysia) 3/25/2004    
13:50 WGSRF Welspun Gujarat Stahl Rohren Tld Shares Dematerialised (Indai) 3/25/2004    
13:50 WICOF Wistron Corp Ordinary Shares (Taiwan) 3/25/2004    
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date Unit of
13:50 BABE Barnums Bits & Bytes Inc Common Stock 3/25/2004  Inactive Issue 
13:50 BOCH Boma Chibougamau Mng Inc Common Stock 3/25/2004  Inactive Issue 
13:50 DDII DDI International Inc. Common Stock 3/25/2004  Added to BB (DDII) ** 
16:15 LONE Lifeone Inc Common Stock 3/25/2004  Bankruptcy Reorganization - plan effective 5/16/2003 ** 
16:15 MNBH Mountain Bank Holding Company (WA) Common Stock 3/25/2004  Added to BB (MNBH) 
13:50 MOBMF Mobile Climate Control Inds Ordinary Shares 3/25/2004  Going Private Transaction ** 
13:50 TRPL Transportation Logistics International, Inc. Common Stock 3/25/2004  Added to BB (TRPL) ** 
Updated Date Old Symbol New Symbol Name Comment
13:50 3/25/2004 SAFS SAFSQ SafeScript Pharmacies, Inc. Common Stock ** 
Updated Date Old Symbol Old Name New Symbol New Name Comment
13:50 3/25/2004 ADACF Andromeda Media Capital Corporation Common Stock ADMPF Andromeda Media Capital Corporation Ltd Ordinary Shares (Canada) 1-9 R/S ** 
13:50 3/25/2004 FOSSF Fossil Graphics Inc Ordinary Shares (Canada) WTAFF Wataire Industries Inc Ordinary Shares (Canada) ** 
13:50 3/25/2004 SVGL Seven Angels Ventures, Inc. Common Stock TWTN Twister Networks, Inc. Common Stock ** 
13:50 3/25/2004 UPLDF Upland Resource Corporation Ordinary Shares NWSJF New Sleeper Gold Corp Ordinary Shares (Canada) 1-2.5 R/S ** 

Portal System Changes 3/24/2004 12:00:00 AM
There are no entries for Portal issues.

Private Placement Security Changes 3/24/2004 12:00:00 AM
There are no entries for Private Placement Security issues.

  • ** indicates NSCC Eligible Security (National Securities Clearing Corporation)
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