October 31, 2014
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Other-OTC System Changes - 2/18/2014 12:00:00 AM

OTCBB Daily List
Other-OTC / Portal / PPS Daily List
OTCBB, Other-OTC and Portal Daily List
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date OATS
Unit of
07:55 CNTO Centor Energy, Inc. Common Stock 2/18/2014 100 From BB (CNTO) 
12:55 CHCEF China SCE Property Holdings Ltd Ordinary Shares (Cayman Islands) 2/19/2014 100 ** 
12:55 FCBTP Farm Credit Bank of Texas Perp Non Cumulative Sub Ser 1 Pfd 10% Cl B 2/19/2014 100 ** 
12:55 FFUSF Fidelity Funds Sicav Luxembourg Ordinary Shares A Euro Distribution (Luxembourg) 2/19/2014 100 ** 
12:55 HAIAF Haitian International Holdings Ltd Ordinary Shares (Cayman Islands) 2/19/2014 100 ** 
12:55 HANPF Hanmi Pharmaceutical Co Ltd Ordinary Shares 2/19/2014 100 ** 
12:55 HDOOF Hydoo International Holding Ltd. Common Shares (Cayman Islands) 2/19/2014 100 ** 
16:21 HIRT Hines Real Estate Investment Trust Inc Commons Stock 2/19/2014 100 ** 
16:21 ISRB Inspired Builders, Inc. Common 2/19/2014 100 From BB (ISRBE) 
12:55 IVISF Investimentos Itau SA Ordinary Shares (Brazil) 2/19/2014 100 ** 
12:55 MEZMF Meritz Fire & Marine Insurance Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (South Korea) 2/19/2014 100 ** 
12:55 PUGOY Peugeot SA Unsponsored ADR (France) 2/19/2014 100 ** 
12:55 RMISF RM2 International S A Ordinary Shares (Luxembourg) 2/19/2014 100 ** 
16:21 SJMHY SJM Holdings Ltd Unsponsored ADR (Hong Kong) 2/19/2014 100 ** 
12:55 SKOVF SK Innovation Co Ltd. Ordinary Shares (South Korea) 2/19/2014 100 ** 
12:55 YUNGF Youngone Corporation Ordinary Shares (South Korea) 2/19/2014 100 ** 
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date Unit of
08:38 CHKJ Cherokee Banking Company Common Stock 2/18/2014 100 Acquired. Shareholders receive $4.00 per share. Deletion time: 08:35:29. ** 
16:21 AMIB American Boarding Co. Common Stock 2/19/2014 100 Added to BB 
16:21 APTY APT Systems Inc. Common Stock 2/19/2014 100 Added to BB 
16:21 ATDPF Bioseek Plc Ordinary Shares (United Kingdom) 2/19/2014 100 Inactive Issue ** 
16:21 BKBK Britton & Koontz Capital Corporation Common Stock 2/19/2014 100 Acquired. Shareholders receive $16.14 per share. ** 
12:55 CTGBL Citigroup Inc. Depositary Share representing 1/1000 interest in a share of noncumulative series L 2/19/2014 100 Listed on NYSE (C$L) 
16:21 INOKF Innotek Ltd Ordinary Shares (Singapore) 2/19/2014 100 Inactive Issue ** 
12:55 NMCEF Newmont Mining Corp of Canada, Ltd. Exchangeable Shares (Canada) 2/19/2014 100 Called for Redemption. Pursuant to the terms of the exchangeable shares, the Company has called all of the issued and outstanding exchangeable shares for redemption on 02/18/2014. Holders of exchangeable shares will receive one share of common stock of Newmont Mining Corporation for each exchangeable share held plus the amount of all declared and unpaid dividends, if any, up to but excluding the Redemption Date ** 
12:55 PEUGY Peugeot S A Sponsored ADR 2/19/2014 100 ADR Program Terminated/Conversion. Holders of Peugeot SA Sponsored ADRs will have the option to exchange their Sponsored ADRs for the new Unsponsored ADRs. For the New Unsponsored ADR refer to [Symbol:PUGOY] 
Updated Date Old Symbol New Symbol Name Comment
16:21 2/19/2014 CERP CERPQ Cereplast, Inc. Common Stock Bankruptcy ** 
16:21 2/19/2014 RTXB RTXBQ Republic of Texas Brands Incorporated Common Stock Bankruptcy ** 
16:21 2/19/2014 TRUE CFCB Centrue Financial Corporation Symbol Change only ** 
Updated Date Old Symbol Old Name New Symbol New Name Comment
17:50 7/2/2013 BLSFF Bluescope Steel Ltd Ordinary Shares (Australia) BLSFF Bluescope Steel Ltd Ordinary Shares (Australia) CUSIP Change 
12:55 2/19/2014 CHPXF China Pacific Insurance Group Co Ltd Shares -H- (Hong Kong) CHPXF China Pacific Insurance Group Co Ltd Shares -H- (Hong Kong) CUSIP Change ** 
16:21 2/19/2014 LTHIF Lithic Resources, Ltd. Ordinary Shares (Canada) LTHIF InZinc Mining Ltd. Ordinary Shares (Canada) Name/CUSIP Change ** 
12:55 2/19/2014 MNHVD Marine Harvest ASA Ordinary Shares New (Norway) MNHVF Marine Harvest ASA Ordinary Shares (Norway) Symbol Change ** 
12:55 2/19/2014 NCLTD Nitori Co Ltd New Ordinary Shares NCLTD Nitori Holdings Co Ltd New Ordinary Shares Name Change Only ** 

Portal System Changes 2/18/2014 12:00:00 AM
There are no entries for Portal issues.

Private Placement Security Changes 2/18/2014 12:00:00 AM
There are no entries for Private Placement Security issues.

  • ** indicates NSCC Eligible Security (National Securities Clearing Corporation)
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