October 22, 2014
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OTCBB and Other-OTC System Changes - 2/7/2011 12:00:00 AM

OTCBB Daily List
Other-OTC / Portal / PPS Daily List
OTCBB, Other-OTC and Portal Daily List
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date OATS
Unit of
08:16 DMPD DM Products, Inc. Common Stock 2/7/2011 100 From BB (DMPD)** 
16:32 CLXNF Colexon Energy AG Ordinary Shares (Germany Federal Republic) 2/8/2011 100  
16:32 CRHVF Chorus Aviation, Inc. Ordinary Shares Ltd Vtg (Canada) 2/8/2011 100  
12:58 ISGTQ InSight Health Services Holdings Corp. Common Stock 2/8/2011 100 From BB (ISGTQ)** 

Portal System Changes 2/7/2011 12:00:00 AM
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date OATS
Unit of
16:32 JPCPL J. P. Morgan International Derivatives Ltd. Indian Low Exercise Price Wt 144A 3C7 Colgate Palmolive India Ltd 12/20/2012 (Jersey) 2/8/2011 100  
16:32 MRVKF Maverick Drilling & Exploration Ltd., Brisbane QLD Ordinary Shares (Australia) 2/8/2011 100  
16:32 PNYTF Poynt Corp. Ordinary Shares (Canada) 2/8/2011 100  
16:32 PRVSF Providence Resources Corp. Ordinary Shares (Canada) 2/8/2011 100 ** 
16:32 RHRYF Rhyolite Resources Ltd. Ordinary Shares (Canada) 2/8/2011 100  
16:32 RRSSF Reed Resources, Ltd. Ordinary Shares (Australia) 2/8/2011 100  
16:32 SOCFF Socfinasia SA Holding Ordinary Shares (Luxembourg) 2/8/2011 100  
16:32 STRDF Strad Energy Services, Ltd. Ordinary Shares (Canada) 2/8/2011 100  
Updated Symbol Company Name Effective Date Unit of
08:16 DMPD DM Products, Inc. Common Stock 2/7/2011 100 Failure to comply with Rule 15c2-11; added to NBB (DMPD)** 
00:00 USEYQ U.S. Energy Systems, Inc. Common Stock 2/7/2011 100 Plan of bankruptcy effective. All shares have been cancelled.** 
12:58 AVPOF Artevo Corp. Common Shares (Canada) 2/8/2011 100 Inactive Security** 
12:58 AXEHF Axa Gestion Fcp Easyetf Euro Health Fcp Units of distribution Et/Ou of Capitalisation (France) 2/8/2011 Inactive Security** 
12:58 CLBRQ Caliber Learning Network Inc Common Stock 2/8/2011 100 12(j) Registration Revoked by SEC** 
12:58 CRREF Corero Plc Ordinary shares (United Kingdom) 2/8/2011 100 Inactive Security** 
12:58 EPAR European American Resources, Inc. Common Stock 2/8/2011 100 12(j) Registration Revoked by SEC** 
12:58 EVIS eVision International, Inc. Common Stock 2/8/2011 100 12(j) Registration Revoked by SEC** 
12:58 FNWU Financialnewsusa.com Inc Common Stock 2/8/2011 100 Inactive Security** 
12:58 GBTM Globe Specialty Metals Inc. Shs Reg-S 2/8/2011 100 Inactive Security** 
12:58 GPRLF Great Panther Silver Limited Ordinary Shares (Canada) 2/8/2011 100 Listed on NYSE Amex (GPL) 
12:58 GRCNL Grupo Clarin S A Gdr Cl B 144A (Argentina) 2/8/2011 100 Inactive Security** 
12:58 ISGTQ InSight Health Services Holdings Corp. Common Stock 2/8/2011 100 Form 15; Terminated Registration under the 34 Act; Added to NBB (ISGTQ)** 
12:58 MLCTF Millennium & Copthorne Hotels Ordinary Shares 2/8/2011 100 Inactive Security** 
12:58 NTUXF Naturex SA ACT 2/8/2011 100 Inactive Security** 
12:58 NTWL Network Capital Inc Common Stock 2/8/2011 100 Inactive Security** 
12:58 OCLXF Oculus Ltd Ordinary Shares 2/8/2011 100 Inactive Security** 
12:58 OKLOF Oklo Uranium Ltd Ordinary Shares (Austrailia) 2/8/2011 100 Inactive Security** 
12:58 PREN Prairie Energy Inc. Common Stock 2/8/2011 100 Inactive Security** 
12:58 PSNWF Pacific Star Networks Ltd Ordinary Shares (Australia) 2/8/2011 100 Inactive Security** 
16:32 PVTCY Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG American Depositary Shares 2/8/2011 100 ADR Program Terminated ** 
12:58 TTHOF Tat Hong Holdings Ltd Warrants (Singapore) 2/8/2011 100 Inactive Security** 
12:58 VNBPQ Vineyard National Bancorp 144A Perpetual Preferred Stock Series C 2/8/2011 100 Inactive Security** 
12:58 WLWD Whirlwind Marketing Inc Common Stock 2/8/2011 100 Inactive Security** 
12:58 XLNXY Xilinx, Inc. 144A Common Stock 2/8/2011 100 Inactive Security** 
Updated Date Old Symbol Old Name New Symbol New Name Comment
12:58 2/8/2011 DBAY Deer Bay Res Inc Common Stock BFLX Bioflamex Corporation Common Stock ** 
12:58 2/8/2011 DGTCD DGT Holdings Corp. NEW Common Stock DGTC DGT Holdings Corp. Common Stock ** 
16:32 2/8/2011 FNVRF Finavera Renewables Inc Common Shares (Canada) FNVRF Finavera Wind Energy, Inc. Ordinary Shares (Canada) 1-10 R/S** 
16:32 2/8/2011 PLLVF Palladon Ventures Ltd Ordinary Shares PLLVF Palladon Ventures Ltd Ordinary Shares 1-10 R/S** 
12:58 2/8/2011 SCGC Sara Creek Gold Corp. Common Stock SCGCD Sara Creek Gold Corp. New Common Stock 1-30 R/S** 
12:58 2/8/2011 SDIRD Super Directories Inc. New Common Stock SDIR Super Directories Inc. Common Stock ** 
12:58 2/8/2011 UTOG Uniontown Energy Inc. Common Stock UTOGD Uniontown Energy Inc. NEW Common Stock 3-1 F/S payable upon surrender ** 

Private Placement Security Changes 2/7/2011 12:00:00 AM
There are no entries for Private Placement Security issues.

The Name Change from Bederra Corp New Common Stock to Zicix Corporation NEW Common Stock, reported on the Daily List of 02/07/2011, with an Effective Date of 02/08/2011 , has been cancelled.

  • All Security Symbols appended with an "E" will be ineligible for quotation and subject to removal from the OTCBB in 30 calendar days (60 days if denoted with a plus sign "+") if FINRA does not receive information indicating that the company is current in its public reporting obligations pursuant to Rule 6530.
  • ** indicates NSCC Eligible Security (National Securities Clearing Corporation)
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